Introducing the Matrix Mini-i Pro 4 and Mini-i 4

The Future of Music Streaming

Welcome to a new era of music listening. We're delighted to introduce the Matrix Mini-i Pro 4 and Matrix Mini-i 4, the latest additions to our line of Matrix Audio products. Designed for the audiophile who values superior sound quality and advanced technology, these music streamers are set to revolutionize your audio experiences.

Matrix Mini-i 4: Your Gateway to Superior Streaming

The Matrix Mini-i 4 isn't just another DAC; it's a complete digital audio device. What sets it apart? Its ability to bridge superior sound quality with an array of innovative features. The Mini-i 4 integrates an advanced digital audio/streaming playback system, the MA player, and supports various network streaming protocols. This seamless integration, coupled with the MA Remote App, opens up an infinite universe of online streaming music.

Immersive Sound Quality

At its heart, the Mini-i 4 houses the upgraded ES9039Q2M D/A chip from ESS. The combination of finely tuned audio circuits, premium components, and an optimized circuit layout leads to a high Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and extremely low distortion, promising a top-notch audio performance across all music genres.

User-Friendly Experience

Streamlining your audio journey, the Mini-i 4 boasts a 3.46-inch LCD touchscreen for straightforward operation. The MA Remote App and an optional RM5 remote control take human-computer interaction to a new level of convenience.

The Power of MA Player and MA Remote App

Developed by Matrix Audio, the MA player offers reliable control over your Mini-i 4, integrating Roon Ready (certification undergoing), DLNA/UPnP, AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and TIDAL Connect for a seamless high-resolution audio streaming experience.

The MA Remote App puts control of the Mini-i 4 at your fingertips. From browsing high-resolution online audio from platforms like TIDAL, Qobuz, and HIGHRESAUDIO to adjusting device settings and installing new firmware updates, it's a breeze to operate.

Local Music Playback and 24×365 Radio Programs

Enjoy a diverse range of internet radio programs thanks to vTuner and Radio Paradise support. Moreover, you can play your local music files from USB storage devices and Network Attached Storage (NAS), making the Mini-i 4 a powerhouse for both online and local music playback.

Exceptional Connectivity

The Mini-i 4 offers multiple connectivity options. You can enhance your TV audio with its HDMI ARC input port or enjoy high-quality audio decoding with its S/PDIF optical and coaxial input interfaces. It also features an RCA analog input with three input gain levels and a Gigabit Ethernet connection for smooth network audio streaming.

Product highlights

  • Network streaming support with MA player and MA Remote App
  • High-quality sound output with ES9039Q2M D/A chip
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface and optional RM5 remote control
  • High-res local and online music playback
  • Versatile audio input and playback options
  • Gigabit Ethernet for smooth network audio streaming

Matrix Mini-i Pro 4: Experience the Future of Music Streaming

The Matrix mini-i Pro 4 takes your music listening experience to the next level. This all-in-one music streamer boasts stellar digital audio processing capabilities with extensive network streaming support, creating a new benchmark for high-fidelity audio.

Unparalleled Sound Quality

At the heart of the mini-i Pro 4 is the latest ES9039Q2M D/A chip from ESS, providing an unparalleled audio performance that remains true to your favorite tunes' original texture and depth. It also features a fully balanced amplifier circuit, ensuring your listening experience remains pristine and free from interference.

User Interface at its Finest

The mini-i Pro 4 features a 3.46-inch LCD touch screen, displaying track metadata and device status. Moreover, the MA Remote App and RM5 remote control streamline your interactions with the device, creating a delightful audio experience.

Internet Radio and High-Quality USB DAC

The mini-i Pro 4 supports internet radio from vTuner and Radio Paradise, bringing global music and talk shows right into your living room. It doubles as a high-quality USB DAC, supporting a wide range of audio formats and sampling rates for top-tier audio performance.

Versatile Connectivity

The mini-i Pro 4 is not only for digital audio or streaming playback. It's compatible with traditional analog audio devices with a set of RCA analog inputs offering three input gain levels. Whether you're connecting to computers, smartphones, or tablets, you're assured of exceptional audio performance. Additionally, the mini-i Pro 4 features a Gigabit Ethernet connection and dual-band Wi-Fi for a quick and smooth transmission of audio data.

Product highlights

  • High-quality ES9039Q2M D/A chip for a superb listening experience
  • Fully balanced amplifier circuit for pure, interference-free sound
  • Intuitive touch screen display and the flexibility of RM5 remote control
  • Broad spectrum of internet radio and high-quality USB DAC support
  • Analog inputs for traditional audio device compatibility
  • Gigabit Ethernet and dual-band Wi-Fi for quick, smooth audio transmission

Matrix Mini-i 4 vs Matrix Mini-i Pro 4: Which One Suits You Best?

In the realm of high-end audio gear, the Matrix Mini-i 4 and the Matrix Mini-i Pro 4 stand as revolutionary offerings from Matrix Audio. Both models bear the mark of the Matrix's commitment to superior sound quality, robust features, and intuitive controls. However, there are distinct differences that set these two models apart, allowing you to choose the one that best caters to your needs. Let's delve into the specifics:


Both the Mini-i 4 and Mini-i Pro 4 are equipped with a high-performance ESS ES9026PRO D/A chip, designed to deliver a high-resolution audio experience. The Pro 4 model, however, comes with the extra muscle of a powerful 39Q2M D/A chip, ensuring a superlative listening experience. If sound quality is your ultimate goal, the Pro 4 model might be your preferred choice.


The Mini-i 4 offers comprehensive connectivity options, including Gigabit Ethernet and dual-band Wi-Fi for smooth audio transmission. Meanwhile, the Mini-i Pro 4 adds another layer to this offering. In addition to the connectivity features found in the Mini-i 4, the Pro 4 model boasts a fully balanced amplifier circuit, eliminating interference and ensuring pure, unadulterated sound.


Both models come with an intuitive touch screen display that provides full control over your device. However, the Mini-i Pro 4 adds the convenience of an RM5 remote control. This gives users the freedom to control their device from anywhere in the room, adding a level of flexibility and convenience that isn't available with the Mini-i 4.


While both models can cater to a broad spectrum of internet radio and high-quality USB DAC support, the Pro 4 model goes a step further. It comes equipped with analog inputs for compatibility with traditional audio devices. If you have a collection of vinyl records or other analog sources, the Pro 4 model would be a better fit.

In conclusion, both the Mini-i 4 and Mini-i Pro 4 offer impressive audio performance and a range of features. The Mini-i 4 is a solid choice for those seeking high-quality digital audio with versatile connectivity. However, if you desire the best sound performance, added convenience of a remote control, and compatibility with traditional audio devices, the Mini-i Pro 4 would be a worthy investment. Choose the model that suits your audio preferences, and get ready for an unparalleled musical experience.