Meet the Topping PA5 II and PA5 II Plus Desktop Amps

Power meets precision

Introducing the Topping PA5 II and PA5 II Plus Compact Desktop Amplifiers, meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled audio experience. With an array of enticing features, these amplifiers take your desktop audio to a whole new level.

Experience Purity in Sound

One of the key highlights of these amplifiers is their fully balanced structure. This feature ensures that you are greeted with a clear, clean, and deep sound with no interference from noise or hum. Such a structure helps in eliminating common issues such as ground loops, significantly improving your listening sessions.

As Low Distortion as a High-quality DAC

Distortion, a dreaded term for any audio enthusiast. These amplifiers, however, surprise you with incredibly low distortion. The PA5 II and PA5 II Plus maintain a THD+N as low as 0.0004% under a 4-ohm load when outputting 5W and 0.0003% under an 8-ohm load, enhancing every beat of your music.

Delivering High Output Power

Whether your audio setup involves small or large speakers, these compact desktop amplifiers won't disappoint. The PA5 II Plus delivers up to 140W × 2 for 4-ohm loads at 10% distortion and 125W × 2 at just 1% distortion. On the other hand, the PA5 II can output 100W × 2 for a 4-ohm load at 1% distortion.

Comprehensive Circuit Protection

Never worry about sudden power outages or short circuits anymore. The PA5 II series has your back with complete protection for overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, overcurrent, and overheating.

Comparing PA5 II and PA5 II Plus

While the PA5 II and PA5 II Plus share many features, the key difference lies in the power output. The PA5 II Plus provides up to 140W × 2 for 4-ohm loads at 10% distortion, while the PA5 II delivers a maximum of 100W × 2 under the same conditions. This means the PA5 II Plus offers more power to those who need it, while the PA5 II may be suitable for less power-demanding setups.

Product Highlights

  • Fully balanced structure
  • Distortion levels comparable to high-quality DACs
  • High output power
  • Comprehensive circuit protection
  • Compatible with a variety of connections

The Topping PA5 II and PA5 II Plus come with an array of input/output options, including RCA and TRS inputs, and speaker terminal outputs. This compatibility ensures smooth integration into your audio setup. For more detailed specifications, check our product pages.

Discover these powerful, precision-engineered amplifiers and experience the difference they can make to your audio world. Perfect for headphone amps & preamps or DAC, these devices are bound to add value to your audio chain.