Now At Apos Audio: SMSL VMV D3 R2R DAC

A Massive Upgrade

SMSL continues to roll out its high-end VMV desktop lineup with the VMV D3 R2R DAC. Unlike most modern-day DACs, which use delta sigma chips to handle D/A conversion, the D3 uses four discontinued Texas Instruments R2R chips in a two-chip-per-channel fully-balanced design.

Beneath the hood of the D3 is a treasure trove of high-end audio circuitry that we think you’ll love. A 16-core XMOS processor ensures bit-perfect performance, while a battalion of Texas Instruments op amps and an isolated power supply keep noise and distortion in check. To top it off, a color LCD display screen and a high-end all-aluminum remote keep things looking swanky. 

Product highlights

  • 4 legendary Texas Instruments R2R chips
  • NPC SM5847 digital filter chip
  • 2nd generation XMOS XU216
  • Native DSD512
  • PCM 32-bit/768kHz
  • 2 ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillators
  • 7 Texas Instruments op amps
  • Color LCD display screen
  • High-end all-aluminum remote control
  • Low-noise discrete component power supply regulator circuit

Isolated power supply, color LCD screen

Balanced and single-ended outputs, six inputs

Head on over to the SMSL VMV D3 Advanced R2R DAC page, and if you need more information please contact our dedicated Support

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