Now at Apos Audio: TANCHJIM HANA 2021

Renewed and Reimagined

With a reimagined aesthetic and more relaxed tuning, the HANA 2021 made us fall in love with the TANCHJIM IEM all over again. In the grand scheme of product reiterations, the HANA 2021’s redesign may seem humble at first. It retains the same driver, diaphragm, and cable as the previous model; however, the updates to its aesthetic, tuning, and connectors aren’t just window-dressing. They’re changes you’ll love again and again.

The new aesthetic is certainly stunning. Rose gold stainless steel and porcelain imitation paint blur the lines between IEM and fashion statement. The redesigned 0.78 2-pin connectors promise better stability and easier connectivity. And the tuning has been relaxed across the board, from the sub-bass to the ultra-highs. You’ll notice the deemphasized tuning mostly in the upper-mids and high frequencies, where these decibel subtractions spell far less fatigue.

Product highlights

  • Newly redesigned aesthetic
  • Re-tuned sound for less fatigue 
  • DMT driver
  • Oxygen-free copper cable
  • Stable 2-pin 0.78 connectors

Rose gold stainless steel inlaid with porcelain imitation white paint

Re-tuned for less fatiguing highs

Redesigned 2-pin 0.78 connectors

Head on over to the TANCHJIM HANA 2021 product page, and if you need more information please contact our dedicated Support Team via live chat online or email us at

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