Meet the FiiO FT5 90mm Open Back Planar Magnetic Headphones

FiiO FT5: Crafting the Future of Personal Audio

In the realm of personal audio, innovation is key, and the FiiO FT5 planar magnetic headphones represent a significant leap forward. Crafted with precision, these headphones blend the latest audio technology with supreme comfort for an auditory experience that is as effortless as it is immersive.

The Fusion of Technology and Comfort

FiiO's inaugural venture into planar magnetic headphones brings forth the FT5—a model that encapsulates the brand's commitment to audio excellence. At the heart of the FT5 are its expansive 90mm drivers, working in tandem with a remarkably lightweight diaphragm and meticulously engineered aluminum-silver alloy coils.

The Core of Clarity: Planar Magnetic Drivers

With planar magnetic drivers, the FT5 strikes a balance between the warm depth of dynamic drivers and the pristine clarity of electrostatic variants. Each driver is a powerhouse of precision with 20 neodymium magnets each.

Resilience Meets Fidelity: The 6um Diaphragm

FiiO's approach to sound involves a delicate balance—pursuing a diaphragm that's thin enough to produce exquisite sound yet durable to stand the test of time. The 6um ultra-thin diaphragm within the FT5 achieves this, redefining the standard for both quality and longevity in headphone design.

Conductivity and Craftsmanship: Aluminum-Silver Coils

Attention to detail is evident in the coil construction of the FT5. The fusion of aluminum and silver in the coils is the result of exhaustive material testing, aimed at delivering a listening experience that hits with clarity and depth.

Magnetic Field Mastery

The FT5's magnetic architecture—a meticulous arrangement of magnets around the drivers—ensures a stable and distortion-free listening experience. This symmetry in design translates to sound that stays true to the original recording.

Portability and Power

FiiO recognizes that high-quality sound shouldn't be tethered to bulky equipment. Hence, the FT5 boasts high sensitivity, allowing it to pair effortlessly with portable audio players.

Built for Endurance and Ease

Crafted from a magnesium aluminum alloy, the FT5 promises unmatched comfort for endless hours of listening. This material choice is a testament to FiiO's dedication to a listening experience that's as enjoyable as it is long-lasting.

Open Back, Open Sound

The open-back design of the FT5 serves as an invitation to an expansive soundstage, ensuring that each note and nuance is delivered with crystal-clear treble resolution.

Connectivity and Customization

With an array of audio plugs and earpad options, the FT5 offers versatility and personalization. Whether it's the tactile preference of earpads or the practicality of plug types, these headphones are ready to adapt to your audio setup and preferences seamlessly.

Product Highlights

  • Equipped with a large 90mm planar magnetic driver.
  • Features a resilient yet high-fidelity 6um ultra-thin diaphragm.
  • Includes micron-plated aluminum-silver alloy coils for enhanced conductivity.
  • Utilizes 20 neodymium magnets per driver for a pure audio experience.
  • Offers high sensitivity for easy powering with portable devices.
  • Constructed from lightweight magnesium aluminum alloy for supreme comfort.
  • Designed with an open back for a vast soundstage.
  • Provides interchangeable audio plugs for various connectivity options.
  • Comes with two types of earpads for sound customization.