Meet the Tigerism Octave IEM

The Art of Clarity

We’re excited to announce the release of the Tigerism Octave IEM. The core of its remarkable sound is the Treble Octave Driver—a 10MM driver featuring a pure aluminum diaphragm. It's delicately wrapped in 5.8U single-strand pure silver wire, ensuring an unparalleled delivery of crisp notes. The enhanced magnetic ring diameter takes this a step further, enriching each detail.

Powerful, Rich Sound

What does it mean when we say the sound is powerful and rich? Thanks to the N52 high magnetic neodymium iron boron, and an increase in the thickness of the magnetic steel to 0.25mm, the Octave's driver magnet intensifies the dynamic range of sound. This enhancement translates to a sound quality that's not just loud, but rich in depth and texture.

Lightweight Durability

The Octave is a marvel in design, balancing durability with comfort. Crafted using precision CNC machining and anodized aluminum, it weighs only 0.21oz. You get an IEM that’s not just tough, but also so light you might forget you're wearing it.

Product Highlights

  • Black Gold: Each piece is electroplated in a striking black gold finish.
  • Treble Precision: Thanks to the 10MM Treble Octave driver.
  • Detailed Sound: Enhanced by pure aluminum diaphragm and 5.8U single-strand pure silver wire.
  • Dynamic Range: Boosted by an enlarged magnetic ring diameter.
  • Powerful Magnet: The N52 high magnetic neodymium iron boron magnet adds depth.
  • Meticulous Craftsmanship: Precision CNC machined, ensuring every aspect is perfect.
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