Meet the xDuoo MX-01 Bluetooth 5.3 Audio Transmitter

Unchain the melodies

Ever wanted your TV, computer, or even an old-school CD player to gain the power of Bluetooth connectivity? That's the world the xDuoo MX-01 Bluetooth 5.3 Audio Transmitter creates. It's a compact yet powerful gadget that offers hassle-free connection to your Bluetooth amps, speakers, or headphones. And it’s now available on Apos for $82.99. 

Hear Every Detail

The MX-01 supports a range of encoding formats like aptX, aptX LL, and AAC. It even supports aptX_HD, a hifi format with audio quality up to 24 bits. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about choosing the correct format—the MX-01 handles it for you. It adapts to the supported format of your receiving device, ensuring you’re always getting the best format available. 

Multiple Inputs, Unlimited Possibilities

Your connectivity options with the MX-01 are as diverse as your playlist. USB, optical, coaxial, or AUX—you name it, this device has it. The optical and coaxial options support up to 24 Bit/192kHz audio, catering to the audiophile who craves nothing but the best.

A Signal That Goes the Distance

Roaming around your space without losing audio quality becomes a reality with the MX-01. Its dual-antenna design ensures a strong and stable signal, capable of reaching up to 100 meters in open spaces. So, clean up, dance around, cook dinner—do it all without missing a beat.

Built Like a Tank, Performs Like a Pro

The MX-01 isn’t just about impressive technical specs. Its aluminum alloy casing is sleek and durable, effectively shielding against external interference. This ensures that playback remains pristine, no matter your surroundings.

Product Highlights

  • Converts various audio devices into Bluetooth signals: The MX-01 makes it possible to stream audio from devices that were previously restricted by wires.
  • Features Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.3 technology: This advanced technology ensures superior audio quality, maintaining the integrity of your sound.
  • Supports multiple high-definition audio formats: Whether it's aptX, AAC, or others, this device ensures compatibility and clarity.
  • Equipped with diverse inputs: USB, optical, coaxial, and AUX inputs offer flexibility for all your audio sources.
  • Dual-antenna design: Extended range means more freedom to move while staying connected.
  • Aluminum alloy casing: This robust casing keeps your audio clear and uninterrupted.

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