The xDuoo TA-20 Plus: Modern Performance Meets Vintage Warmth

Where Clarity and Warmth Collide

In the realm of audio equipment, striking a balance between cutting-edge technology and a touch of vintage soul can be a daunting task. Yet, the xDuoo TA-20 Plus accomplishes just that. This balanced tube headphone amplifier delivers both power and nuance, offering a memorable listening session time after time.

Why Fully Balanced Matters

For those not in the know, a "fully balanced" architecture means that the device carries separate channels for both the positive and negative phases of audio signals from input to output. In simpler terms, this dramatically reduces crosstalk and boosts resolution and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). The result? A pure and detailed sound that surrounds you in its richness.

A Small Package With a Big Punch

Don't be deceived by its size. Despite its compact dimensions, the TA-20 Plus comes with a wallop of power: up to 2000mW. This is robust enough to handle headphones with impedances between 16 and 600Ω.

Bringing the Vintage Vibe

What's a high-end audio setup without a touch of nostalgia? The TA-20 Plus employs 5Z4P tubes for rectification, infusing your modern playlist with a good old "tube" character. If you're fond of the classic warmth that's often absent in purely digital systems, you're in for a treat.

Dual Tubes for Added Nuance

Featuring two meticulously matched 12AU7 tubes for audio processing, this device ensures your listening sessions are comfortable and fatigue-free. If you fancy yourself as an audiophile tinkerer, these tubes are rollable, allowing you to switch them out to customize your sound.

The Dancing VU Meter

There’s something inherently enjoyable about watching a VU meter move in rhythm with your favorite tracks. The TA-20 Plus comes equipped with a retro mechanical VU meter, not just as a fun visual cue, but as a practical indicator of real-time output levels.

Product Highlights

  • Fully Balanced In/Out architecture for improved audio quality
  • A strong output power compatible with a wide range of headphones
  • Vintage tube warmth through tube rectification
  • Dual tube amplification for nuanced sound
  • Dynamic VU meter for real-time output levels
  • Class A Buffer employing Tube + Transistor Hybrid Structure
  • Customized enthusiast-grade capacitance
  • Versatile input/output options for various audio sources

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