xDuoo TA-20 Plus Balanced Tube Headphone Amplifier


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Fully balanced and purely mesmerizing

Built on a fully-balanced circuit from input to output, the TA-20 Plus ensures an improvement in crosstalk, resolution, and SNR. This balanced architecture paves the way for a captivating, clear sound that envelops you in its richness.

2000mW of punch

Don’t let the size fool you. The TA-20 Plus is capable of outputting up to 2000mW of power, making it suitable to drive headphones with impedances ranging from 16 to 600Ω. Switch between the 4-pin XLR and 4.4mm balanced headphone output to get the most out of your headphones.

Tube Rectification: a vintage touch in a modern world

Equipped with 5Z4P tubes for rectification, the TA-20 Plus adds that much-coveted "tube" character to your sound. This means you're getting the best of both worlds: modern performance and vintage warmth.

Double the tubes, double the fun

The device uses two meticulously matched 12AU7 tubes for audio processing. This lends a unique warmth and softness to the sound, providing a fatigue-free listening experience. And hey, they’re rollable, so go ahead and switch them out to fine-tune your audio palette.

Get in sync

Nothing quite compares to watching a VU meter dance to the beat of your music. The TA-20 Plus includes a retro mechanical VU meter that not only gives you real-time output levels but also adds a bit of fun to your audio setup.

Class A Buffer: a perfect hybrid

By combining tube and transistor technologies in a hybrid amplifier structure, this Class A buffer amplifier offers a robust output that can easily drive many kinds of headphones, while preserving the nuance and subtlety in the sound.

Customized capacitance

For the true enthusiasts, we’ve got customized HIFI capacitors that enhance the audio output and provide pure, sweet sound quality.

Multiple inputs/outputs for the flexible listener

With its varied input/output options like two RCA, one XLR, and one 4.4mm balanced input, this device gives you the freedom to easily switch between different sound sources.

Product highlights

  • Fully Balanced In/Out for purer sound
  • Large output power to drive a wide range of headphones
  • Tube rectification for vintage warmth
  • Double tube amplification
  • Dynamic VU Meter
  • Class A Buffer with Tube + Transistor Hybrid Structure
  • Advanced customized enthusiast capacitance
  • Multiple Input/Output options


  • Power Source: AC
  • 110V(100-120V)/220V(220-240V)
  • Gain: +18dB
  • 6.5mm Headphone Output :
    • Output Power: 2000mW (32Ω load)
    • Frequency Response: 10Hz~80kHz(±0.5dB)
    • Crosstalk: 74dB
    • SNR: 113 dB
    • THD+N: 0.05%
  • 4.4.4mm/XLR balanced Headphone Output
    • Output Power: 2600mW (32Ω load)
    • Frequency Response: 10Hz~80kHz(±0.5dB)
    • Crosstalk: 95dB
    • SNR: 113 dB
    • THD+N: 0.05%
  • Suitable Headphone Impedance: 16Ω~600
  • Size: 10.2 x 7 x 6 inches (26.0 x 17.7 x 15.3 cm)
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs (4.3 KG)

What’s included

  • xDuoo TA-20 Plus Balanced Tube Headphone Amplifier
  • Power Cable
  • User Manual

Featured reviews

"The TA-20 Plus is a very good amplifier....has all of the great qualities that you'd expect from a tube amp with none of the sacrifices that a pure OTL amp has." -iiWi Reviews

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