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"100% a buy"

HIFIMAN has just revealed a brand-new DAC/Amp…headphone stand. The uniquely gorgeous HIFIMAN EF600 is many things–-an R2R ladder DAC, a 5 watt per channel amplifier, a Bluetooth receiver, and a fully functional headphone stand where you can stow your favorite set of cans when not in use.

As with their EF400 DAC/Amp, the EF600 is an R2R ladder digital-to-analog converter. Unlike most DACs on the market, which use “Sigma” D/A chips from companies like ESS and AKM, the EF600 uses a “ladder” method to convert the digital signal from your computer into the analog signal you hear in your headphones. This approach uses an array of highly accurate resistors for tremendous musicality.

Power will never be a problem with this DAC/Amp. Delivering 5 watts per channel @32Ω, the EF600 can drive the vast majority of low-efficiency planar headphones, including the HIFIMAN Susvara.

Other salient features include hi-def Bluetooth, which fully supports codecs like LDAC; RCA and XLR inputs, which support CD/SACD players and turntables; and an array of balanced and single-ended outputs, such as 6.35mm single-ended, 4.4mm balanced, and XLR four-pin balanced.

"100% a Buy!"

-Zeos Pantera, Instagram, Canjam NYC 2023

Product highlights

  • R2R ladder DAC
  • 5 Watt per channel headphone amplifier
  • Doubles as a headphone stand 
  • HD Bluetooth codecs including LDAC
  • RCA + XLR inputs
  • Multiple headphone outputs, including balanced and single-ended

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