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Singles’ Day, or 11/11, is a holiday that celebrates people who aren’t in relationships. Started in China in the 90s, it all began when a group of bachelors at university banded together to celebrate their loneliness, er, independence from the bonds of romantic attachment. It’s a holiday as real as Valentine’s day. In fact, it’s the anti-Valentine’s day! And as with any bona fide holiday, it involves discounts.

Below are all of the discounts we’re offering on 11/11. For a detailed breakdown, check out our 11/11 2021 deals sheet!

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15% Off SMSL Products

15% Off TOPPING Products

15% Off Moondrop Products

15% Off xDuoo Products

15% Off Tanchjim Products

10% Off Singxer Products

20% Off MSRP On Apos Certified Products

Buy Today, Get the Discount On 11/11

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Happy Singles' Day!

 -The Apos Audio Team