The Tanchjim Echo TWS Bluetooth 5.2 IEM Is Now On Apos Audio

Airpod killer?

It happens every Thanksgiving. Your cousin or aunt corners you and asks to be pointed in the direction of a unicorn, or, more precisely, an earbud with all the features of the Airpods Pro but priced more like a nice steak dinner. “I’ll look,” you say, but of course you know that nothing remotely like it exists, and no matter how much you bad mouth the people who pay $250 “for the Apple logo,” you know that you’re going to come up dry, and your aunt or cousin will eventually just drive down to the Apple store and cough up the dough.

Until now, friends.

It’s taken a while for the miracle workers in audiophilia to create an actual Airpods Pro competitor that is priced like a nice steak dinner, but they’ve done it. The Tanchjim Echo is a Bluetooth 5.2 IEM that boasts intelligent touch commands, aptX adaptive Bluetooth, binaural mirroring mode, and a fancy charging case. And? It’s $99.99. A Thanksgiving miracle.

Product highlights

  • Qualcomm 3040 chip
  • Wireless charging
  • Ultra-long 48 hour battery life 
  • Lossless sound quality
  • Clear calls
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Waterproof/dustproof (IPX4 rating)

Head on over to the Tanchjim Echo product page, and if you need more information please contact our dedicated Support Team via live chat online or email us at

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