TOPPING D10s DAC Now Available on Apos Audio

Apos Audio is proud to be the exclusive USA launch partner for TOPPING as we debut the new TOPPING D10s DAC. It is available now for $99.99 in either silver or black.

The TOPPING D10s DAC is the newer model based on their D10 DAC, coming equipped with improved chips and drivers to support maximum audio file decoding. It also includes a new display showing file format and sampling rate.

The D10s also features OP amp sockets, giving you the ability to adjust the sound signature if you so choose. This affordable and powerful DAC can drive active speakers, connect to your power/headphone amp, and act as the USB interface to an additional DAC. 

Apos Audio provides free Priority Shipping on the TOPPING D90 MQA, along with 45-day hassle-free returns, lowest price guarantee, and an extended 2-yr manufacturer warranty.