xDuoo XA-10 DAC/Amp Now Available on Apos Audio

Some audio companies are like grizzly bears: they follow seasons of heavy activity with periods of hibernation--time spent planning, designing, and more. xDuoo is more like a beaver, working tirelessly year-round. Last year alone, it released at least seven new products (and racked up some awards in the process). Seeing as it’s only February and xDuoo is already two products deep into their 2021 rollout, we expect nothing to change for these eager beavers. 

The xDuoo XA-10 is an all-in-one DAC/amp that’s absolutely jam-packed with premiere features:

  • Full MQA decoding
  • Fully balanced architecture
  • 4,000mW output power
  • DSD512
  • PCM 32 bit/768kHz
  • THD+N 0.0008%
  • SNR 120dB
  • Eight ins and outs
  • “POP” protection relay

And if we can dispense with objectivity for a moment, we’d like to gush about just how cool the XA-10 looks. It speaks a design language both robust and cute, like a cross between a Jawa Sandcrawler and a Battle Droid, but shrunk down to adorable dimensions.

Towering four inches above your desktop, it could easily be tucked under an external monitor. Although the only available color is dark gray, it’s a gray that complements all manner of electronics--and the XA-10’s “red eye” offers a nice pop of color. 

Head on over to the xDuoo XA-10 product page for more details, and if you need more information please contact our dedicated Support Team via live chat online or email us at support@apos.audio.

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