February Deals on Meze Audio IEMs at Apos Audio

February is the perfect month for IEMs if you ask us. Everyone in the household is stuck inside escaping the weather, living on top of one another, and carving out whatever space for themselves they can. What better way to carve out space for yourself than with an earplug that plays music

In the spirit of this, we’re announcing some great deals on Meze Audio IEMs. For the month of February, we’re knocking $50 off the price of the Meze Rai Solo IEM, dropping the total to $149.

We’re also giving away a $149-value silver-plated copper upgrade cable with the purchase of a Rai Penta IEM

The Meze Audio Rai Solo is an electro-dynamically driven IEM with a fun-neutral sound signature. 

The upgrade cable is made of silver-plated copper. The source jack is plated in corrosion-resistant rhodium--considered the rarest and most valuable precious metal in the world. 

Head over to the Meze Rai Solo IEM and Rai Penta IEM product pages to learn more. If you need more info, please contact our Support Team via live chat or send an email to support@apos.audio. 

As always, when you buy the brands you love on Apos Audio, you not only get the original manufacturer’s protections and guarantees, but you also get the Apos Audio Promise you've come to expect. We’re providing the Apos Extended 2-Year Warranty on all products along with a 30-Day Lowest Price Guarantee and a 45-Day Return policy.