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Take a Vacation to the American Northeast

When your day's rhythm feels more like a mad sprint, the Acadia Deskmat brings the serene charm of the American Northeast right to your workspace. Envision the stunning Appalachian mountains meeting the vast coastlines, all encapsulated in this piece. And while the palette is reminiscent of nature's untouched beauty, the golden brown accent gives it an air of understated elegance.

Edged to Perfection

No fraying, no surprises. The stitched edges ensure durability and aesthetics blend in perfect harmony, much like the land meets the sea.

Stretch Out in Style

With dimensions of 900x400 mm (35.4x15.7 inches), there's enough space for the mouse to roam and the keyboard to chill.

Stay Grounded

You might get lost in the Acadia's beauty, but your deskmat sure won't budge. Thanks to that non-slip rubberized bottom, things stay right where they should.

Always Fresh, Always Vibrant

The long-lasting, fade-resistant printing makes sure the Acadia Deskmat keeps up with time, even if you end up pulling an all-nighter or two.

For Those Precision Plays

Whether it's gaming or some precision design work, the high sensor accuracy ensures your moves are mirrored perfectly on screen.

Spills? No Biggie

Dropped your coffee or knocked over your soda? Just pop the Acadia into the wash, and it'll come out looking as picturesque as ever.

Product Highlights

  • Impeccable design by itsvishnu
  • Crafted by the trusted Kono brand
  • Durably stitched edges
  • Ample space for both work and play
  • Firm grip with a non-slip base
  • Retains its vibrant charm
  • Built for precision tasks
  • Easy maintenance with machine wash


  • Dimensions: 900x400 mm (35.4x15.7 inches)
  • Thickness: 3mm (0.12 inches)
  • Base: Non-slip rubberized bottom

What's Included

  • 1 Acadia Deskmat crafted by Kono and envisioned by itsvishnu.

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