Amethyst Deskmat


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Crystalline Calm in Every Stroke

What do crystals and keyboards have in common? They both operate on matrices. The Amethyst Deskmat, designed by Wynects and produced by Kono, unites these worlds in a striking blend of art and utility. This mat doesn't just sit pretty—it offers a performance gaming mousepad texture for high sensor accuracy.

Built to Last, and to Impress

With stitched edges that deter fraying, this deskmat brings durability to your desk's aesthetic. The stitching complements the design, making it a seamless part of your daily interactions with your tech.

Slip No More

Ever had your deskmat slide just as you made that critical click? That won't happen here. The Amethyst Deskmat features a non-slip rubberized bottom to keep your focus where it belongs—on your tasks, games, or creative process.

Prints That Stick Around

We've all seen deskmat designs that fade faster than a shooting star. The Amethyst Deskmat boasts long-lasting, fade-resistant printing to make sure the design stays vibrant and doesn't lose its luster.

Get Clean, Stay Zen

Life happens. Whether it's a coffee spill or remnants from a snack attack, this deskmat is machine washable. Just toss it in the wash, and it comes out looking as serene as ever.

Product Highlights

  • Designed by Wynects
  • Produced by Kono
  • Stitched edges for durability
  • Non-slip rubberized bottom
  • Long-lasting, fade-resistant printing
  • Performance gaming mousepad texture
  • Machine washable


  • Dimensions: 900 x 400 x 3mm (35.4 x 15.7 x 0.11 inches)
  • Material: Rubberized bottom, fabric top
  • Printing Method: Fade-resistant ink

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