Apos Flow Balanced TRS Cable (Pair)


A cable built with common sense

Our Apos Flow TRS cable isn’t rocket science. It doesn’t involve rare earth materials or dizzying design innovations. It simply does everything an TRS cable should. We started with four interference-rejecting cores, wrapped them in five layers of protection, and capped them with gold-plated aluminum connectors. The result is a sturdy, audiophile-grade cable that lasts.

Interference-rejecting design

Protect your music from electromagnetic interference. Unlike conventional cables that use a two-core design, we arranged four cores in a cross formation, resulting in a magnetically coaxial structure that effectively rejects electromagnetic interference.

Five layers of protection

We wrap our cores in five layers of protection. These highly-acronymized layers protect the cores from everything that could damage it (moisture, oils, extreme temperatures, electromagnetic interference, chemicals, pirate attacks, and even stains) while providing structural stability and a sleek minimal look.

Made by hand

Each Apos Flow TRS Cable is handmade one at a time by artisans who attend to every step of the process, including manufacturing, assembling, and quality checking. We do this to ensure a high-performing product with impeccable craftsmanship and attention to every detail.

Product highlights

  • Imported Japanese copper conductor
  • 4-core audio wire
  • A copper lattice braid with 94% density effectively shields the conductor from electromagnetic interference
  • Each core made of 60pcs of 0.08mm copper wire
  • Gold-plated aluminum


  • Wire Length: 20cm (excluding plug)
  • Number of cores: 4
  • Standard Cable Diameter: 6mm+0.15
  • Conductor Cross-Sectional Area: 0.30mm/23AWG
  • Quantity of Conductor Copper Wires: 60pcs
  • Diameter of Conductor Copper Wire: 0.08mm
  • Torque: 20mm
  • Core DC Resistance: 6.40/100m
  • Shielded DC Resistance: 3.10/100m
  • Thermal Shock: 120 CX for 1 hour, no crack
  • Voltage Test: 1000 Vdc X 1 Minute
  • Conductor Insulation Layer: XLPE polyethylene
  • Shielding Material: 80 x 0.1mm braided copper wire
  • Shell Material: Soft PVC/neoprene

What’s included

  • 1 pair of Apos Flow TRS cables (one cable for the left channel, one cable for the right channel)

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