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    A Classic Revisited

    Audeze has evolved hand over fist since the release of the LCD-2 over a decade ago. They’ve broken into gaming headphones, novel magnetic structure technology, and IEMs, to name a few. The LCD-2 Classic hearkens back to the early days of their company without sacrificing the sound or performance improvements they’ve made since. 

    The LCD-2 Classic is a simplified version of the LCD-2. Various design aspects, such as the Fazor Phase Management elements, have been removed. The result is a more economic headphone that nevertheless retains the warmth and energetic musical experience of the original. 

    Handcrafted comfort

    Fully assembled in Audeze’s Orange County factory, the LCD-2 Classic bears the fruit of hand-crafted attention in every stitch. Aside from the nylon rings, ear pads, and headband strap, it’s made almost entirely of metal. Unlike wooden rings, which require special maintenance and can be heavy, the nylon rings don’t need any special care, and they reduce the overall weight of the headphone. The memory foam ear pads are gigantic and deep, providing ample room for all ear types. 

    Open-back for wide soundstage

    The LCD-2 Classic is an open back headphone, meaning that the back of each ear cup is porous, allowing sound from the drivers to leak out. One benefit of open-back headphones is that the sound waves that bounce off your ear have a place to go--out the back--rather than rebounding inside the ear cup and creating ugly harmonics. 

    Sonically, open back designs generally offer greater soundstage and separation than closed-back headphones. That’s especially true for the LCD-2 Classic: the soundstage is wide, and vocals and instruments sound especially separated. Remember that you’ll need a headphone amp to properly drive them. 

    Product highlights

    • Style: Over-ear, open-back

    • Transducer type: Planar Magnetic

    • Magnetic structure: Proprietary magnet array

    • Phase management: Non-Fazor

    • Magnet type: Neodymium N50

    • Diaphragm type: Ultra-thin

    • Transducer size: 106 mm

    • Maximum power handling: 5W RMS

    • Maximum SPL: >130dB

    • Frequency response: 10 - 50,000Hz

    • THD: <0.1% @ 100dB

    • Impedance: 70Ω

    • Sensitivity: 101 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)

    • Minimum power requirement: >100mW

    • Recommended power level: >250mW

    • Weight: 1.2lbs (550g)

    What’s included 

    • LCD-2 Classic planar magnetic headphones

    • 1.9m 1/4'' to dual 4-pin mini-XLR cable

    • User guide and warranty card

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