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Camper Badge - GMK Camping Artisans by Dwarf Factory


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Note: This was a Group Buy that ran from 22 April to 05 May 2024.

The Call of the Wild…of Your Desktop

If the closest you've been to a campsite lately is scrolling through forest wallpapers, this keycap set is your ticket out of tab city. Install them, hang up a pine-scented air freshener, imagine the warmth of a campfire, and picture yourself in the great outdoors. It’s not quite camping, but hey, at least when you’re at your desk the only bugs are in the code.

Keycap Characters: The Wilderness Crew

Sure, you’re stuck at work but that doesn’t mean you can’t equip your keyboard with camping gear. Choose between The Savage, The Compass Master, The Supporter, and The Fireside. Okay, the “call of the wild” is just your ringtone, and the most foraging you’ll be doing from your desk is searching for lost pens. But these keycaps will help you conquer the wilderness of desk-bound work and play—one typo-taming adventure at a time. 

Cherry Profile

Slide these Cherry Profile caps onto your R1 row and feel like the keyboard equivalent of a mountaineer—only with less frostbite. 

Product Highlights

  • Inspired by Nature: Keycaps that echo the call of the wild
  • Earthy Tones and Icons: For the desk-bound adventurer
  • Characterful Caps: The Savage, The Compass Master, The Supporter, The Fireside


  • Key Characters: The Savage, The Compass Master, The Supporter, The Fireside
  • Profile: Similar to Cherry R1
  • Cap Size: 1u
  • Cap Height: 9.4mm

    What's included

    • The Camper Badge keycap
    • Kraft paper box
    • Manual Package (1) including User guide (1) and rubber finger gloves (2)
    • Stickers

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