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A Legend on Your Desktop

Dive into a narrative world as mythical and compelling as the Hero of Hell. The Chainsaw Deskmat is canvas meticulously designed to pair perfectly with the KDS Chainsaw keycap set. So while your fingers dance on razor-sharp alphas, your wrists rest on a realm of legends.

A Space for Your Gear

Measuring 900x400mm (35.4x15.7 inches), this deskmat offers a generous territory for both your keyboard and mouse. Whether you’re a gamer targeting enemies or a designer perfecting each pixel, the extra space means freedom to move—and isn’t freedom what the Hero of Hell fights for?

Thickness You Can Feel

Clocking in at 3mm thickness, the Chainsaw Deskmat creates a plush surface that caresses your wrists. Forget the fatigue that comes with long hours in front of the screen. You’ll find endurance you didn't know you had.

Stay Grounded with Rubberized Bottom

The last thing you need is your battlefield—err, deskmat—shifting mid-action. The rubberized bottom grips the desk like a hero clutching his chainsaw. That mat isn’t going anywhere, giving you the stability you need to focus.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine: Stitched Edges

Fraying is the enemy of any well-crafted gear. The stitched edges on this deskmat act like a magical boundary, keeping the design pristine and the mat durable. Over time, you’ll come to appreciate this small but vital touch.

Product Highlights

  • Generous 900x400mm dimensions offer ample room for peripherals
  • 3mm thickness adds a layer of comfort and support
  • Rubberized bottom ensures stability during intense sessions
  • Stitched edges prolong lifespan and maintain aesthetics


  • Dimensions: 900x400mm (35.4x15.7 inches)
  • Thickness: 3mm (0.11 inches)
  • Material: Rubberized bottom
  • Edges: Stitched

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