Cherry MX RGB Silent Red Switch (10 ct.)


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Quiet and confident

Linear switches are the confident introverts of the mech keys world. Crafted with the meticulousness you’d expect from German engineering, these switches strike a balance between a soft touch and responsive feedback. With linear action requiring only 45 cN of activation force, they offer a typing experience that’s as smooth as silk on your fingertips—ideal for those marathon typing sessions or late-night gaming where silence is golden.

Compatibility Meets Versatility

Compatible with Cherry MX-mount keycap sets, they’re a plug-and-play solution for customizing your mechanical keyboard. Whether you’re a gamer, a writer, or a coding wizard, these switches adapt to your needs and setup with ease.

Light Up Your Typing World

Designed with SMD LEDs in mind, these switches allow the vibrant RGB or single-color backlighting of your keyboard to shine through. Let your keys light up your ideas, one silent stroke at a time.

Product Highlights

  • Silent operation for distraction-free typing and gaming
  • Linear switch design with a gentle 45 cN activation force
  • Short pretravel of 1.9mm for quick, responsive keystrokes
  • Total travel of 3.7mm for full keystroke experience
  • Hot-swap compatibility for easy customization
  • Plate mount design for stability and durability
  • Optimized for SMD LED backlighting, supporting both RGB and single-color setups


  • Switch Type: Cherry MX RGB Silent Red – Linear
  • Activation Force: 45 cN
  • Pretravel: 1.9mm
  • Total Travel: 3.7mm
  • Mounting Type: Plate Mount
  • Compatibility: Hot-swap (plate mount), Cherry MX-mount keycap sets
  • LED Compatibility: Optimised for SMD LEDs (RGB or single color)

What’s Included

  • 10 x Cherry MX RGB Silent Red Switches

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