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Dan Clark Audio ETHER Flow 1.1 Headphone


Dan Clark Audio ETHER Flow 1.1 is an open-back headphone and the entry level offering of the ETHER line. The ETHER Flow 1.1 Open leverages Trueflow technology to cultivate a warm authentic musicality that delights the listener by revealing details in the music that are typically unheard using conventional drivers. The open and generous soundstage is both hypnotic and effortless. The lightweight, hinge-free nitinol headband incorporates smart industrial design making it as comfortable and reliable as it is indestructible. All ETHER Flow 1.1 headphones come with the VIVO cable and a beautiful case for travel and storage. 


  • Driver Type: Planar Magnetic
  • Driver Size: 71 x 45mm
  • Impedance: 23ohms
  • Weight: 385g
  • Ear Pad Material: NAPA Lamb Leather

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