Discord TKL Mechanical Keyboard

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Embrace your inner gamer with the Official Discord TKL keyboard. Created in collaboration with Discord, this keyboard caters to gamers and typists alike, available in Dark or Light themes. Complete with Discord's signature blurple colorway and a ton of customizable novelties, this keyboard is primed to steal the show at your next keeb meetup.

Seamless Connection, Premium Performance

Get ready for uninterrupted gaming sessions with the keyboard's latency-free Bluetooth 5.0 that can connect and switch between up to 3 devices. For a more stable connection, use the included blurple USB-C-to-A cable. Crafted with a steel plate and an included sound absorption layer, the keyboard delivers enthusiast-grade performance right out of the box.

Keycaps That Pack a Punch

Meet the Tai-Hao doubleshot ABS keycaps that come with the Official Discord TKL keyboard. The magic starts with ABS, a hardy and durable plastic. The doubleshot process makes sure your legends don't call it quits before you do, keeping them sharp and fade-resistant, no matter how heavy a typist you are.

Ergonomics Come Standard: OEM Profile

The keycaps are sculpted with an OEM profile--a crowd-favorite that delivers a comfortable typing experience that feels as natural as it gets. Whether you're gaming into the night or typing out your next masterpiece, these keycaps are your trusty companions.

Tailor Your Typing with Customizable Switches

  • Gateron Brown (Tactile): Known for their noticeable tactile bump, Gateron Brown switches offer a satisfying feedback without the clicky noise, a perfect balance for typing and gaming.

  • Gateron Red (Linear): If you value smooth keystrokes without any bumps or clicks, Gateron Red is your best bet. Ideal for rapid-fire key presses, it's a gamer's favorite.

  • Kailh BOX White (Clicky): Embrace the classic mechanical keyboard experience with Kailh BOX White switches. Each keystroke delivers a pronounced click, giving you audible feedback on your typing speed and accuracy.

Product Highlights

  • Officially licensed Discord TKL Mechanical Keyboard
  • Hot-swappable switch sockets
  • Seamless Bluetooth 5.0 connection
  • Included sound absorption layer
  • Customizable with novelty keycaps
  • Adjustable feet for comfort
  • Comes with a custom EVA carrying case


  • Layout: 87 key, TKL
  • RGB backlighting
  • Bluetooth Pairing Memory: 3 devices
  • Battery: 2000 mAH
  • Keycaps: Tai-Hao doubleshot ABS keycaps in OEM profile
  • Switch Options: Gateron Brown (Tactile), Gateron Red (Linear), or Kailh BOX White (Clicky)
  • Construction: Injection molded plastic with Steel Plate and Sound Absorbing Foam

What's Included

  • Official Discord TKL Mechanical Keyboard (Dark Theme or Light Theme)
  • Novelty Keycaps (9x1u, 1x2.25u)
  • USB-C to USB-A Braided Cable
  • Custom EVA Carrying Case
  • Switch Puller and Keycap Puller
  • Instruction Manual (PDF Download Link)

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