ePBT Acadia Keycap Set


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Celebrating the Wild Majesty of Acadia

The ePBT Acadia Keycap Set is a tribute to the untamed beauty of Acadia National Park, a hidden gem nestled along the coast of Maine. Famous for its breathtaking landscapes, it’s a haven for adventure seekers and nature lovers. This set captures the essence of the park’s diverse ecosystems, with colors that echo the gloomy blues of the Atlantic, the lush greens of dense forests, and the golden hues of morning sunlight. Designed by itsvishnu, it transforms everyday typing into an exploration of the natural world.

Crafted for Durability

Using PBT dye-sublimation, these keycaps are designed to withstand the test of time. The cherry profile provides a natural, comfortable typing experience, much like walking on a well-trodden forest path. 

Novelties That Narrate

Each novelty keycap in the set is an homage to the landmarks and experiences unique to Acadia National Park. The THOK Novelty, robust and meticulously engraved, pays tribute to geological survey benchmarks. The Monokei Novelty, gleaming with brass PVD, captures the beauty of the park under the golden light of dawn.

Explore Your Options

  • Base Kit: This comprehensive set includes everything you need for compact to full-sized keyboards, num pads, ISO layouts, and other common keyboard types. 
  • Novelties Kit: Dive deeper into the Acadia theme with special keys depicting rugged cliffs, serene coastlines, lobsters, and more. 
  • Alt Alphas Kit: For those looking for a slight variation, this kit includes alternate alpha keys and spacebars, offering a different aesthetic vibe while maintaining the overall theme of the set.
  • Monokei Novelty: A standout piece gleaming with brass PVD, the Monokei Novelty keycap captures the serene beauty of Acadia under the golden light of dawn. 
  • THOK Novelty: Paying homage to the geological survey benchmarks found within the park, the THOK Novelty is robust and meticulously engraved.

Product Highlights

  • Inspired by the natural beauty of Acadia National Park
  • Colors that capture the essence of Maine’s rugged coastlines and lush forests
  • Durable PBT Dyesub keycaps
  • Comfortable Cherry Profile
  • Novelty keycaps that tell a story
  • MDI Switches for a smooth, linear typing experience


  • Material: PBT Dyesub
  • Profile: Cherry
  • Novelties: THOK (Powder-coated aluminum, laser engraved), Captus (Aluminum, Oil Painted), Monokei (Brass PVD, Mirror Polished)
  • Switches: MDI (JWK Linear, 62/67g spring, nylon housing, POM stem)

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