ePBT Acid House & Sweet Girl Keycap Sets

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A Canvas of Colors

Inspired by acid art and a touch of creative rebellion, the Acid House & Sweet Girl is not just a keycap set--it's a palette of vibrant vibes. Wholesome pinks and blues merge into an eye-popping experience, elevating your keyboard's look to a new level of expressiveness.

Cherry Profile: The Classic Touch

Cherry Profile keycaps are renowned for their timeless comfort. The profile ensures a natural fit for your fingers, letting you type or game with ease, even when the evening gets away from you.

Dye-Sub Printing: A Lasting Impression

Dye-sub printing is a technique that ensures these stunning designs won't fade away. This process gives the keycaps a rich, long-lasting color, allowing the vibrant hues to shine through years of use.

Make It Complete with the D60 Lite Keyboard Kit

Enhance your keyboarding experience with the color-matched D60 Lite Keyboard Kit. A gasket mount structure and 60% WK/HHKB layout come together with high-quality components to provide a smooth and stable typing feel. This exclusive kit, designed by KBDfans Wei and YorkChan, is ready for you to add your choice of keycaps and switches. It's a perfect match for the ePBT Acid House & Sweet Girl Keycap Set, but keycaps and switches are not included, so you can customize to your heart's content.

Acid House Aviator Cable: The Perfect Connection

Make a statement with the matching Acid House Aviator cable. With a matching gradient polyolefin coil shrink and white polyolefin host cable shrink, this cable isn't just a connection but an extension of the Acid House theme, crafted to perfection by KBDFans.

Choose Your Style: Kit Options

  • Alpha: A basic kit of pink alpha keys and some modifiers for a touch of elegance.
  • Hiragana: A fusion of cultures with alpha keys in pink, featuring both English and Hiragana legends.
  • Acid House: A playful set of novelties depicting smiley faces, CDs, cassette tapes, and more.
  • Sweet Girl: Unleash your inner child with novelties depicting candy, candy canes, unicorns, and more.
  • Icon: A tasteful set of modifiers in blue and white, perfect for return keys, shift keys, tab keys, and more.
  • Modifier: An expansive set of pink and blue modifiers, suitable for multiple sized keyboards.
  • White Short Bar: A collection of white space bars in various sizes, ideal for spacebar clusters and ergonomic keyboards.
  • White Space Bar: A sleek set of white space bars for standard keyboards, providing a clean finish.
  • 40s: Specifically designed set of keys for 40% keyboards, maintaining the theme across compact boards.
  • Pink Short Bar: A set of space bars in vibrant pink, adding a splash of color where it counts.
  • D60 LITE x ePBT Acid House Keyboard HHK: A feature-rich 60% lite keyboard with gasket mount structure, blending form and function.
  • Acid House & Sweet Girl Aviator Cable: A set of coiled and straight cables, designed to perfectly match your Acid House & Sweet Girl set.

Product Highlights

  • Cherry Profile (1-1-2-3-4-4) for a comfortable typing experience
  • Dye-sub printing ensures vibrant and long-lasting colors
  • Collaboration between enjoyPBT and designer YorkChan
  • Compatible with the D60 LITE X ePBT Acid House 60% WK Keyboard

Keycap Specs

  • Profile: Cherry (1-1-2-3-4-4)
  • Printing Method: Dye-sub
  • Manufacturer: enjoyPBT
  • Cable Length: ~106cm (1% variance), Coil length: 18cm
  • Outer Coil Diameter: 25mm
  • Manufactured by KBDFans

D60 Lite Keyboard Specs

  • Keycaps and switches not included
  • Structure: Gasket mount
  • Layout: 60% WK/HHKB
  • Designers: KBDfans Wei ( D60lite ); YorkChan (EPBT ACID HOUSE & SWEET GIRL)
  • PCB: DZ60RGB-WKL/DZ60RGB ANSI V2, RGB hot-swappable PCB (VIA supportable, Type-C, support Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Plate: Polycarbonate
  • Stabilizers: KBDfans transparent stabs
  • Gasket: 2 sets of gaskets, injection-molded silicone gaskets, foam gaskets
  • Switch foam: With switch holes
  • Bottom silicone pad: Tightly fitted. Compared with kbd67lite, it is a newly added configuration.
  • Case: PC+ABS material, using an injection molding process, the surface is matte, opaque
  • USB-C Cable
  • Colors: color matched with ePBT Acid House & Sweet girl
  • Typing angle: 6°
  • Structure: Gasket mount
  • Designers: KBDfans Wei (D60lite); YorkChan (ePBT Acid House & Sweet Girl)

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