ePBT Axolotls Keycap Set

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A Tribute to Nature's Oddballs

Discover the captivating realm of axolotls — nature's forever-young amphibians. These water-dwellers, known for their ability to regenerate lost body parts, become an embodiment of renewal and fresh starts in this keycap set. As you type away, let the ePBT Axolotls keycap set be a reminder of the mysteries of nature and the joy of discovery. Paired with the PBT Cherry profile, each keystroke will mirror the soft glide of an axolotl in water.

A Palette Inspired by Nature

Just as axolotls come in a range of fascinating colors from copper to piebald, our keycap set offers kits that capture this biodiversity. And with novelties spread across four palettes, your board will be as vibrant as a well-populated tank.

A Crafted Artisan Companion

The Asero Foundry Artisan is an homage to the delicate beauty of axolotls. Crafted from aluminum and adorned with a gentle pink cerakote finish, it's laser-engraved to perfection, settling on your board with an R1 Cherry profile like a prized exhibit in an aquarium.

Built to Last, Like Axolotl's Regeneration

Did you know axolotls can regenerate their limbs, spinal cord, heart, and even parts of their brain? While these keycaps can't spontaneously regenerate, the dye sublimation process ensures their legends withstand the test of time.

Dive into the Kit Options

Explore a plethora of choices to customize your keyboard experience. Here's a breakdown of the available kits for the ePBT Axolotls Keycap Set:

  • Base Kit: The foundational set encompassing everything you'd require for compact to mid-sized keyboards, ISO layouts, and other prevalent keyboard types.

  • Numpad: Tailored to furnish your number pads with the axolotl-themed touch.

  • 40s: Specially curated for the 40% keyboard enthusiasts, ensuring no key is left behind.

  • Accents: Add a splash of uniqueness with accent keys available in multiple colors.

  • Spacebars: A vibrant set of 7 spacebars, each echoing the hues of axolotls.

  • Minibars: Ideal for split and ergonomic keyboards, these shorter spacebars offer flexibility without compromising the theme.

  • Novelties Collection: Showcase the colors of the axolotl species with four novelty kits:

Product Highlights

  • Inspired by the colorful world of axolotls
  • Available in multiple kits
  • Illustrated novelties in four unique palettes
  • PBT Cherry profile for a premium typing feel


  • Designed by TyPo.mk
  • Produced by ePBT
  • Material: PBT
  • Profile: Cherry
  • Printing Process: Dye Sub
  • Asero Foundry Artisan: Aluminum with pink cerakote
  • Asero Foundry Artisan Profile: R1 Cherry

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