ePBT Ping Keycap Set

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Primary. Essential. Unapologetically Bold.

Ever miss the simplicity of kindergarten? Taking a trip down memory lane, Plop Labs captures the essence of kindergarten in the form of the ePBT Ping Keycap Set. Primary, bright, and a nod to the most basic elements we learned, this keycap set is all about embracing the child within. Plus, let's face it—the colors are just straight-up nostalgic.

Reliving Kindergarten With Every Tap

The brilliance of kindergarten is that every day was a new discovery. From the vibrant blue that reminded you of the sky on a clear summer day, to the fiery red that was the apple you proudly presented to your teacher—every keycap is a flashback.

More Than Meets the Eye

While these keycaps might appear basic, they pack in the quality and craftsmanship you'd expect from Plop Labs. Produced by ePBT using the Dye Sub Process, each keycap ensures durability while giving you that tactile satisfaction. Dive into typing stories, emails, or even your next novel—with every keystroke taking you back to the ABCs and 123s.

THOK Novelty Caps: A Touch of Special

The THOK Novelty Caps are like the gold star stickers you hoped to receive—special, shiny, and an emblem of pride. Made of aluminum with a powder coat and resin infill, these are the little bits of treasure on your keyboard.

Plop Keyboard Kit Options:

  • Base Kit: Your essential cornerstone, crafted meticulously for compact to mid-sized boards.

  • Icons: Immerse yourself in a digital nostalgia with symbols like the floppy discs, punctuated with modern favorites like thumbs up.

  • Numpad: Exclusively tailored to fit your number pad.

  • Nomad: A handpicked ensemble for the compact keyboard aficionado, featuring an array of return, tab, and backspace keys.

  • ISO: Eight artisanal keys, intricately designed for the ISO connoisseur.

  • Hira: A collection of alphas bearing hiragana sublegends.

  • Boring: A straight-forward set with English alphas.

  • Mini Accents: A burst of color and variety, these modifiers marry style with versatility.

  • Accents: Unleash your keyboard with multicolored keys, sculpted for diverse keyboard landscapes.

  • Spacebars: Four colors in various sizes.

  • Minibars: Precision-cut for ergonomic and split keyboards.

  • Midbars: A curated collection of mid-sized spacebars.

  • THOK Metal Artisan Peace Sign Keycap: Cool, craftsmanship style.

Product Highlights

  • Vibrant kindergarten-inspired color palette
  • High-quality PBT material
  • Durable dye sublimation print
  • Designed by Plop, produced by ePBT


  • Designed by Plop
  • Produced by ePBT
  • PBT Cherry Profile
  • Dye Sub Process
  • Deskmats: stitched edge, 900x400 mm, 3mm thick
  • THOK Novelty Caps: Cherry R1 profile, Aluminum with powder coat, resin infill

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