EV-00 Linear Switches


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A Progressive Spring to Keep You Bouncing

Say goodbye to accidental key presses and hello to precision typing with the custom-designed progressive spring of the EV-00 switches. Unlike lighter linear switches that often lead to frequent bottom-outs, these switches feature a unique spring mechanism that encourages deliberate keystrokes, minimizing finger fatigue and keyboard noise. Whether you're composing emails or dominating your favorite game, the EV-00 switches offer a seamless typing experience that keeps you in control.

Frictionless Functionality

Engineered with a POM stem, nylon housing, and top-of-the-line molds, the EV-00 switches are built to last. The friction-reducing materials ensure smooth actuation at any typing angle, while the polished internals guarantee consistent performance over time. Dive into intense typing or gaming sessions with confidence, knowing that your keyboard is equipped with switches that prioritize both precision and durability.

Product Highlights

  • Smooth medium-heavy linear switches
  • Custom 68g progressive spring for precise typing
  • POM stem and nylon housing for durability
  • Friction-reducing materials for clean actuation
  • Designed in collaboration with Bespokekeys, ThicThock, and JWK
  • Produced by Durock / JWK
  • PCB mount / 5 pin
  • Polished internals with latest molds
  • Unlubed from factory


  • Quantity: 10 Switches / Pack
  • Type: Linear switch
  • Stem: POM
  • Housing: Nylon
  • Mount: PCB mount / 5 pin
  • Weight: Medium-heavy (68g)
  • Lubrication: Unlubed from factory

What's Included

  • 10 EV-00 Linear Switches

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