Eversolo AMP-F2 Power Amplifier


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Crafted for Powerful, Detailed Sound

Introducing the AMP-F2, a powerhouse collaboration between Starke Sound and Eversolo, based on the advanced NS600 module. Whether you need vigorous output for your home theater or detailed sound for your music, the AMP-F2 delivers with high sampling rates, efficient Class D amplification, and flexible bridging options.

Dynamic power, detailed presentation

With the innovative NS600 module at its core, the AMP-F2 handles high sampling rates up to 600KHz. This translates to a dynamic and detailed presentation of your audio, maintaining clarity while reducing noise. The secret sauce? A newly designed SAPS audio-specific switch power supply that enhances dynamic performance and keeps things whisper-quiet.

Vigorous output

Power meets precision with the AMP-F2. Each channel pushes out a robust 250W RMS (4Ω) at 1% THD+N, ensuring your speakers get all the energy they need. And when you bridge it, expect up to 450W RMS (2Ω) with THD+N still below 1%. This makes it perfect for those challenging speaker setups that demand high-dynamic, low-frequency outputs without sacrificing sound quality. 

Accurate sound

The AMP-F2 features PurePath™ Ultra-HD technology and a high-speed gate driver error correction system. This isn’t just tech talk—these features ensure ultra-low distortion across the entire frequency range. Expect pristine audio quality that lets you hear every nuance, every detail, exactly as intended.

Powerful power drive

Harnessing a 600W high-efficiency, low-ripple, low-EMI switch power supply, the AMP-F2 delivers powerful, consistent output. The result is an enhancement in overall dynamic performance. Low noise and high efficiency mean your music stays pure and powerful.

Environmentally friendly

With a standby power consumption of just 0.5W and idle power of 14W, the AMP-F2 complies with European Union ErP standards. This means it's not just good for your audio, but also kinder to the planet.

Aluminum body, shielding design

Housed in an aluminum body, the AMP-F2 combines aesthetics with function. This design isn't just about looks—it provides full self-protection and minimizes interference from other electronic devices. It’s durable, sleek, and built to protect your audio integrity.

One-touch activation

With standard 12V TRIGGER IN and TRIGGER OUT functions, the AMP-F2 syncs seamlessly with other devices. Use the provided USB to TRIGGER adapter cable to connect to the DMP-A6’s USB Type A interface. One touch, and your system powers on or off in perfect harmony.

Product highlights

  • NS600 module: High sampling rate up to 600KHz, reducing noise, enhancing dynamics.

  • Bridged support: Outputs 250W RMS per channel (4Ω) or 450W RMS when bridged (2Ω).

  • PurePath™ Ultra-HD: Ultra-low distortion across the entire frequency range.

  • 600W switch power supply: High-efficiency, low-ripple, low-EMI.

  • Eco-friendly: Standby power 0.5W, idle power 14W, ErP compliant.

  • Aluminum shielding: Complete self-protection, anti-interference design.

  • 12V TRIGGER: Synchronize power with other devices.


  • Model: EverSolo DAC-Z8

  • Display Screen: 3-inch LCD Screen

  • Chassis: Aviation aluminum alloy

  • DAC: ES 9038 Pro Audio Processor

  • XMOS XU316 OP Processor

  • OPA Chip: OPA1612*10

  • Power Supply: Low noise switching power supply

  • Bluetooth Audio Input: Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth module, BT5.0 Support SBC/AAC Bluetooth protocol

  • USB-B DAC Input: Compatible with Windows (7, 10), Mac, Android and iOS. Supports up to stereo DSD512, PCM 768KHz 32Bit, and MQA

  • USB-C DAC Input: Compatible with Windows (7, 10), Mac, Android, and iOS. Supports up to stereo DSD512, PCM 768KHz 32Bit, MQA

  • Optical Audio Input: Up to stereo PCM 192KHz 24Bit, DSD64 Dop and MQA

  • Coaxial Audio Input: Up to stereo PCM 192KHz 24Bit, DSD64 Dop and MQA

  • Analog Audio Output:

  • Preamp output: XLR (balanced), RCA

  • Headphone amp output: 6.35mm single-ended

  • USB Port: USB2.0*1 (only for firmware upgrade)

  • Control Methods: Remote control, mobile app control, and knob control

  • Headphone Impedance: 16-300Ω (low gain mode: 16-32Ω/high gain mode: 32-300Ω)

  • XLR Audio Characteristics:

    • Output level(Vrms): 4.1Vrms@0dBFS

    • THD+N@A-wt: 0.000062%@1kHz (-124dB@1kHz)

    • THD+N@No-wt: 0.000069%@1kHz (-123dB@1kHz)

    • Noise@No-wt: <1.2uVrms

    • SNR @No-wt: 133dB@1kHz

    • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz(±0.1dB)

    • Crosstalk: -130dB@1kHz

    • DNR @No-wt: 133dB@1kHz

  • RCA Audio Characteristics:

    • Output level(Vrms): 2.3Vrms@0dBFS

    • THD+N@A-wt: 0.000086%@1kHz (-121dB@1kHz)

    • THD+N@No-wt: 0.000097%@1kHz (-120dB@1kHz)

    • Noise @No-wt: <1.5uVrms

    • SNR @No-wt: 126dB@1kHz

    • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz(±0.1dB)

    • Crosstalk: -123dB@1kHz

    • DNR@No-wt: 126dB@1kHz

  • Headphone (low gain mode) Characteristics:

    • Output level(Vrms): 1.2Vrms@0dBFS

    • Maximum undistorted power: 45 mW@32Ω

    • THD+N@A-wt: 0.00015%@1kHz (-116dB@1kHz)

    • THD+N@No-wt: 0.00018%@1kHz (-115dB@1kHz)

    • Noise @No-wt: <2uVrms

    • SNR@No-wt: 124dB@1kHz

    • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz(±0.1dB)

    • DNR @No-wt: 119dB@1kHz

  • Headphone (high gain mode) Characteristics:

    • Output level(Vrms): 2.8Vrms@0dBFS

    • Maximum undistorted power: 26 mW@300Ω

    • THD+N@A-wt: 0.00016%@1kHz (-116dB@1kHz)

    • THD+N@No-wt: 0.00016%@1kHz (-116dB@1kHz)

    • Noise@No-wt: <2uVrms

    • SNR@No-wt: 124dB@1kHz

    • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz(±0.1dB)

    • DNR @No-wt: 124dB@1kHz

  • Power Input: AC 110~240V 50/60Hz

  • Rated Power: 9W

  • Dimensions: 270mm(W) * 187mm(D)* 50mm(H)

What’s included

  • Remote control 

  • power cable

  • USB cable

  • product manual

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