FiiO M11 Plus Limited Edition AKM DAC


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Dang it.

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but the FiiO M11 Plus Limited Edition AKM DAP is sold out and won't be returning. We think you'll love a very similar DAP, the FiiO M11 Plus ESS DAP. It's basically the same product but with DAC chips made by American DAP manufacturer ESS.

The Final Run of a Legendary DAC

The FiiO M11 Plus is a portable music player featuring two out-of-print AKM AK4497EQ DAC chips. FiiO won’t do another run of the M11 Plus after this limited edition batch sells through.

Out-of-print AK4497EQ (x2) DAC chips

Get the limited edition AK4497EQ DAC chip before it’s gone. The M11 Plus uses two of these sought-after chips, which are capable of decoding the highest sampling frequencies for unparalleled quality. 

Sink your ears into it with THX AAA-78 amps

Fall in love with your library all over again. Two THX AAA-78 amps reproduce details and soundstage with absolute fidelity for a neutral and lifelike experience. 

Smartphone-smooth experience with octa-core processor

Do everything you’d do on a smartphone--play games, watch videos, listen to music--all without lag or excess heat. The M11 uses an octa-core Snapdragon 660 processor that ensures ultra-low power consumption and powerful processing. 

HD screen that doesn’t get out of hand

Enjoy gorgeous colors and lifelike color temperature on a bezel-less HD screen. The 18:9 screen ratio offers a stunning visual and UI experience that’s extremely comfortable to hold. 

No jitter in your jams

Play the deepest bitrates and highest sampling frequencies without jitter. Even the most massive of files are processed with phase-locked loop technology and femtosecond crystal oscillators for seamless, uninterrupted playback, no matter the file size. 

HD Bluetooth

Don’t miss out on the best Bluetooth codecs: SBC/ AAC/ aptX/ atpX-HD/ LDAC. The M11 Plus supports Bluetooth 5.0 transmission and reception, plus AirPlay and DLNA streaming.

Anti-interference, anti-worry design

You’ll never hear clicking, whirring, or buzzing--unless you’re listening to electronica. The M11 Plus separates digital and analog internal components to prevent interference.

The portable that keeps its cool

New temperature management measures keep the M11 Plus cool no matter how many processes you’re running. So listen to music, play games, watch videos--do it all without ever worrying if your device can handle it. 

3 gain levels and 120 volume steps accommodate any headphone or IEM

Use any headphone or IEM you want with the M11 Plus’ three gain levels. Dial in the volume with pinpoint accuracy with 120 volume steps.

Android 10

Enter the intuitive world of Android Version 10, where all-new functions like Dark Mode, Night Mode, and navigation options personalize your experience. 

Adapt the M11 Plus to the situation with five selectable modes

Choose Android mode to enjoy 3rd party apps, Pure Music mode for a distraction-free music experience, Bluetooth Receiving Mode to go wireless, USB DAC mode for desktop playback, and AirPlay Mode to unleash the power of your iPhone or iPad. 

Play your way with the customizable shortcut button

Customize the shortcut button to do whatever you’d like: switch filters or EQ settings, enter a new playback mode, or play a random track. 

11.5 hours of continuous playback

Keep the party going for 11.5 hours thanks to the M11 Plus’ 6,000mAH battery. 

Full charge in 3 hours

FIll up in 3 hours thanks to the M11 Plus’ 27W of charging power. 

Progress means never seeing a progress bar

Get 90MB/s transmission speeds for a 300% faster experience than the M11 Pro. USB 3.0 transfers files so quickly you’ll never be stuck staring at a progress bar. 

All to DSD mode

Convert all PCM data to DSD with the M11’s built-in “All to DSD” mode. Any sound processed by the M11 will sound smoother and more natural, be it a video file, audio file, or a game. 

4.4mm balanced line out

Don’t leave your balanced headphones out of the mix. Plug in any balanced headphone into the 4.4mm line-out for a fully balanced experience. 

A smarter, safer car player

Use the M11 Plus in Vehicle Mode for a simplified user interface. Vehicle mode makes it safer and easier to use your M11 Plus on the road and will automatically turn it on and off with the car for smart, seamless functionality. 

Product highlights

    • Limited Edition AK4497EQ*2 DAC
    • Neutrally pure THX AAA-78*2 amps
    • Legendary octa-core Snapdragon 660
    • 6th-gen honeycomb design
    • 5.5-inch bezel-less touchscreen
    • New Android 10
    • New Digital Audio Purification System (DAPS)
    • New-gen interactive intelligent volume system
    • SBC/AAC/LDAC two-way Bluetooth
    • Diamond cut textured back
    • 4.4mm balanced line out
    • 3 gain levels
    • 5 listening modes: Android, Pure Music, Bluetooth receiving, USB DAC, AirPlay
    • Customizable shortcut button


      • DAC: AKM AK4497EQ x 2 
      • Amp: THX AAA-78 x 2
      • DSD512 Native decoding
      • 768kHz Max PCM support 
      • 131dB Signal-to-noise ratio 
      • -116dB Distortion
      • 4G+ 64GB RAM+Internal Storage
      • Adreno 512 GPU
      • 14nm Process
      • Bluetooth 5.0 transmission support: SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX-HD/LDAC
      • Bluetooth 5.0 reception support: SBC/AAC/LDAC 5.0 Bluetooth
      • 11.5h Continuous playback 
      • 3h Fast charging 
      • 41day Long standby
      • USB 3.0

      What’s included

        • Tempered glass screen protector with oleophobic layer
        • Exquisite custom leather case
        • USB 3.0 data/charging cable

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