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The Hunt for Top-Notch NOS Tubes Ends Here

Finding quality General Electric 6AS7 Vacuum Tubes these days is like finding a unicorn—a left-handed unicorn who’s a patient and effective communicator and makes a good martini. (We’re saying they’re rare.) Many of them are duds. And even if you do find one, there's a good chance it'll fizzle out in a week—leaving you high and dry. Ray Tubes has done the heavy lifting: sourcing the best tubes out there, testing and prepping them, and professionally matching them for top-notch performance. Plus, we back them with a solid 90-day warranty. To recap: amazing tubes, no time wasted, and peace of mind. 

A rare find in the world of audio 

The General Electric 6AS7 Vacuum Tubes haven't been made in over four decades. Most of the remaining stock has been sitting on shelves in some guy's garage for years, so finding ones that still work well is like winning the lottery. This scarcity makes them a prized possession for any audio setup. While the price reflects their rarity, the quality and performance they deliver are top-notch.

Why General Electric specifically?

Made in the USA, GE tubes are famous for their consistent performance and audiophile-grade sonics. They were often made to military-grade specifications, ensuring they met the highest standards of quality and durability—even after more than half a century, the ones we’re selling are still going strong. Plus, each one went through some serious testing to meet GE’s high standards, making them heads and shoulders above than the competition.

Sourced to the highest standards

The team at Ray Tubes doesn’t just grab any old tube off the shelf. Each General Electric 6AS7 Vacuum Tube is cherry-picked from the limited remaining stock to meet our top-tier standards. Out of all the tubes they come across in their sourcing efforts, only the cream of the crop—the top 2%—makes the cut based on aesthetics, completeness of packaging, technical performance, sonic qualities, and the health of the vacuum seal. Then, the Ray Tubes team uses industrial-grade equipment to test and match each one with precision. This means you get tubes that deliver consistent, reliable performance every time, prepared with the utmost professional care.

Your personal safety net

Even though Ray Tubes is picking the best tubes available, at the end of the day they’re still 50+ year-old products. We're offering a 90-day warranty to protect you against manufacturing and age-related defects.

Product highlights

  • Sourced from extremely limited remaining stock

  • Tested and matched with industrial-grade equipment

  • Top 2 percentile selection for superior performance

  • Rare and valuable addition to any audio setup

  • 90-day warranty against manufacturing and age-related defects


  • Type: Vacuum tube

  • Model: 6AS7

  • Manufacturer: General Electric

  • Condition: New Old Stock (NOS)

What’s included

  • Matched pair (2) of General Electric 6AS7 Vacuum Tubes

  • Certification of authentication

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