GMK Cyrillic Keycap Set

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A Classic Blend with a Cyrillic Twist

The GMK Cyrillic Keycap Set represents a tasteful blend of language and color, uniting the English legends with Cyrillic sub-legends. By marrying the classic monochrome of black and white with a bold splash of red, this keycap set is minimalistic yet eye-catching.

A Universal Companion for Keyboards

This classic colorway with a pop of red makes this set a universal match for almost every other set in the market. Whether pairing it with white fonts like Ceresia or mixing it with something bold, the GMK Cyrillic offers versatility like no other.

Crafted with Cherry's Original Equipment

Manufactured by GMK in Germany using Cherry's original double-shot molding equipment, these keycaps guarantee a lasting impression. Quality materials and precise craftsmanship bring out the true essence of a luxurious typing experience.

The Elegance of Cherry Profile

The Cherry profile, known for its comfort and functionality, adds another layer of sophistication to this keycap set. Complementing the MX switches, it's all about the smooth journey from key to key, making every stroke a pleasurable experience.

Product Highlights

  • Simple black and white color scheme with red Cyrillic sub-legends
  • Compatible with nearly every set in the market
  • Manufactured by GMK in Germany
  • Created with Cherry’s original double-shot molding equipment
  • High-quality ABS plastic
  • Includes unique features like scooped and barred F and J


  • Profile: Cherry
  • Compatibility: MX switches
  • F and J: Scooped, extra barred
  • Cyrillic font: Red, pad printed
  • Tray: Included

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