GMK Posh Keycap Set

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The Elegance of Posh, Right on Your Desk

GMK Posh is here to sprinkle a little bit of British luxury right where you need it. With a blend of light cream, navy blue, and dusty rose pink, this keycap set is more than a functional tool; it's a fashion statement for your desktop. The compatibility with popular community layouts? That's the cherry on top.

An Array of Chic Colors

Light cream for that touch of elegance, navy blue for the classic appeal, and dusty rose pink for a hint of playfulness. GMK Posh unapologetically flaunts its colors, allowing you to style your keyboard just the way you like it. And if you're feeling more pink than blue, we've got alternate colorways for that.

The Devil's in the Details: Doubleshot ABS

Durability meets design in this high-quality keycap set. GMK's Doubleshot ABS plastic means you won't have to worry about the chic lettering wearing out or the colors fading. Even if you're burning the midnight oil, your keycaps will remain as posh as ever.

Endless Compatibility

Whether you're a fan of standard layouts or something a bit more exotic, GMK Posh has you covered. Its extensive base kit ensures you can dress up just about any keyboard layout. From TKL to full-size boards, consider your options open.

The Novelty That's Worth the Hype: Crucible

Meet the Crucible Novelty by KeyLabs. Made from aluminum and color-matched to the GMK Posh palette, this little beauty adds an extra level of poshness to your keyboard setup. It's a detail you didn't know you needed until now.

Customize Your Posh Experience: Kit Options

  • Base: This is your all-inclusive option, covering everything from compact to full-sized keyboards. It includes num pads, ISO compatibility, and works well with other common keyboard types.

  • Novelties: Fancy some extra flair? This kit includes specialized keys featuring hearts, diamonds, champagne glasses, and other playful symbols to add some personal panache to your layout.

  • Keylabs Crucible - Pink: Elevate your keyboard's top row with this aluminum artisan keycap. Specifically designed for the R1 row, its pink hue is perfect for those who love a splash of color.

  • Keylabs Crucible - Navy: If you prefer a more subdued yet equally elegant touch, the navy variant of the Keylabs Crucible for the R1 row is your go-to.

Product Highlights

  • Light cream, navy blue, and dusty rose pink keycaps
  • Doubleshot ABS plastic for lasting durability
  • Extensive base kit for broad compatibility
  • Alternate alpha and modifier colorways
  • Romantic novelty kit adds a unique touch


  • Produced by GMK
  • Designed by annlovesbears and 12keyboards
  • ABS Doubleshot plastic
  • Geekhack Thread
  • Crucible Novelty by KeyLabs: Aluminum with Enamel infill, modeled after GMK R1 profile, flat top face, and color-matched to GMK Posh RAL colors

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