GMK Star Keycap Set

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Leedle Leedle Leedle Lee

Welcome to a whimsical underwater world of nautical nonsense, with the GMK Star Keycap Set. Just like a certain square-panted character and his star-shaped friend, this keycap set brings a splash of vibrant reef-inspired design to your desk, making every day feel like a joyous adventure.

"Is Mayonnaise an Instrument?"

Engineered by the eminent GMK, the GMK Star Keycap Set blends the imaginative spirit of a certain rock-dwelling character with quality that stands the test of time. Each keycap is meticulously crafted from resilient doubleshot ABS plastic, ensuring your keys stay lively and resilient, whether you're crafting your next sea shanty or navigating through a tidal wave of work.

Feel At Home with Cherry Profile

The GMK Star Keycap Set is designed in the comfortable Cherry profile, offering a typing experience as delightful as a visit to Jellyfish Fields. This low-profile design promotes a relaxed typing journey, whether you're having an extended chat with a sea star pal or getting down to the serious business of the day.

Personalize Your GMK Star Experience

  • Base: This is your starting point, covering everything you need for compact to full-sized keyboards, num pads, ISO, and other common keyboard types.

  • Novelties: Bubbling with personality, the novelties set comes with unique keys featuring spatulas, hamburgers, anchors, and jellyfish nets.

  • Spacebars: The spacebars kit is an expansion set that includes additional spacebars and space bar clusters for various ergonomic and split keyboards.

Product Highlights

  • Vibrant reef-inspired design
  • Designed by Paputcher
  • Quality construction by GMK
  • Comfortable Cherry profile


  • Designed by Paputcher
  • Produced by GMK
  • Material: Doubleshot ABS Plastic
  • Profile: Cherry

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