HIFIMAN Audivina Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones


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Small space, big sound

The HIFIMAN AUDIVINA isn’t a typical closed-back headphone. It features a resonance chamber inspired by the acoustical architecture of the Beyreuth Festival Theater in Germany, famous for multi-stage attenuation that contributes to the listener hearing a wide, detailed soundstage in a small, enclosed space. Sound takes a circuitous route through the chamber, creating a wide soundstage beyond what is typically associated with closed-back headphones. 

Acoustically-invisible stealth magnets

The AUDIVINA headphones distinguish themselves from other models by using a uniquely shaped magnet that permits sound waves to pass through without causing interference. This design feature effectively reduces wave diffraction turbulence and significantly minimizes distortion.

NEO Supernano diaphragm

The most critical aspect of detail retrieval in headphones is the diaphragm's performance. Most diaphragms, typically composed of plastic or cardboard, struggle to reproduce realistic detail as they need to vibrate up to 20,000 times per second. In contrast, the HIFIMAN AUDIVINA uses a diaphragm with a thickness of fewer than two micrometres, enabling it to deliver exceptional detail and lifelike imaging that surpasses other headphone models.

Hand-polished headband 

The AUDIVINA’s ergonomic headband is constructed of high-precision CNC metal that is hand-polished for the ideal combination of comfort and durability. 

Sustainable earpads

The earpads are manufactured with an eco-friendly, silky leatherette material, maximizing sonics and comfort for hours-long listening sessions.

Product highlights

  • Multi-stage attenuating acoustical chamber
  • HIFIMAN Stealth magnets
  • NEO Supernano diaphragm
  • Hand-polished headband
  • Synthetic ear pads


  • Impedance: 20 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 97dB
  • Weight: 470 Grams (16.57 ounces)
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz-55Hz

What’s included

  • Single-ended 3.5mm 1.5m cable
  • XLR balanced 3m cable
  • Single-ended 6.35mm 3m cable  

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