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DAC + Amp + Streamer

Introducing the HIFIMAN EF499 DAC/Headphone Amp. With its R2R architecture and the capability to stream from almost any source, this device bridges the divide between warm analog sonics and quick digital convenience. Whether it's by using the DAC & headphone amp mode, streaming from your favorite apps, or directly playing from an NAS drive, the EF499 ensures your music is always in its best form—whatever form it takes. 

Streaming made simple

The EF499 embraces streaming services with open arms. Stream music directly from your portable devices or favorite apps, or play files from a connected NAS drive.

Organic sound with R2R

The EF499 boasts R2R architecture, beloved for its naturally warm and full-range sound. Unlike the more common delta-sigma DACs, R2R uses a network of precision resistors to convert digital signals into analog sound, producing a sonic profile that’s rich, organic, and enveloping. 

4.35 watts per channel

With a balanced output of 4.35 watts per channel, the EF499 breathes life into even the most power-hungry headphones. Every note is powered with precision, giving you a full-bodied and dynamic performance, every time. 

Take a load off

The EF499’s vertical design doubles as a headphone stand. This thoughtful feature ensures that your headphones are always within reach, ready for the next listening session.

Product highlights

  • Direct NAS drive playability
  • Streaming from portable devices and apps
  • Traditional DAC & headphone amp functionality
  • R2R architecture for a warm, full-range sound
  • Close sonic performance to HIFIMAN’s Himalaya DACs
  • 4.35 Watts per channel balanced output
  • Doubles as a headphone stand
  • 4-level function switch for tailored listening
  • Variety of outputs: 6.35mm single-ended, XLR 4-pin balanced, XLR, and RCA single-ended
  • Comprehensive inputs including Network, Type-C, Coaxial, and USB-B
  • High-quality sound metrics: THD+N at 0.008%, SNR at 99dB


  • Architecture: R2R
  • Output Power: 4.35 Watts per channel @32Ω
  • Outputs: 6.35mm single-ended, XLR 4-pin balanced, XLR output, RCA single-ended
  • Inputs: Network connector, Type-C, Coaxial, USB-B
  • Functionality: Coaxial/Net+USB switch, Power switch
  • THD+N: 0.008%
  • Channel separation: 95±3dB
  • SNR: 99dB (A-weighted)
  • Weight: 7.28lbs (3.3kg)

What’s included

  • HIFIMAN EF499 DAC/Headphone Amp
  • Power cable

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