HIFIMAN Jade II Electrostatic System


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The Jade II Electrostatic Headphone and Amplifier System is an out-of-this-world hi-fi system at a real-world price. It features a solid state amplifier and an open-back planar magnetic headphone that are as impressive sonically as they are stylistically. 

Jade II Headphones 

The Jade II is an open back planar dynamic headphone featuring an ultra-thin diaphragm for lifelike detail retrieval, asymmetrical ear cups, and a spectrum-spanning frequency response. 

Nanometer diaphragm for perfect detail

When it comes to detail retrieval, no factor is more important than the diaphragm. Required to oscillate up to 20,000 times a second, most diaphragms, which are made of plastic or cardboard, can’t overcome the hurdle of their own inertia to reproduce lifelike detail. The Jade II, on the other hand, features a diaphragm that’s only a nanometer thick--thinner than a red blood cell. This exceptional thinness allows it to reproduce unparalleled details and lifelike imaging that you won’t find on other headphones. 

Nanometer-thick dust cover

Building on the concept of the nanometer diaphragm, HiFiMan developed a nanometer-thick dust cover. It protects the driver while maintaining near-perfect sound transmission.

All-day comfort

The ear cups of the Jade II are asymmetrical, following the natural shape of the human ear for a natural fit you can enjoy for marathon listening sessions. 

Light as a feather

The Jade II’s aluminum alloy body clocks in at only 12oz (365g), a weight it disperses with a hybrid headband and fluffy oversized ear pads. Joshua Valour calls the comfort of the Jade II “awesome,” adding that “the headphone structure disperses the weight perfectly evenly across the top of my head so that there are no hotspots anywhere.” 

Jade II Electrostatic Amplifier   

The Jade II Electrostatic Amplifier is a workhorse unit whose brawny specs are tempered by a lean user interface. Its minimalist chassis will look both elegant and unpretentious on a desktop, bookshelf, or entertainment center. 

Graceful UI

Featuring only a power switch, LED light, two headphone outs, a balance/RCA selector, and volume knob, the amp dispenses with the bells and whistles found on other amps for an ultra-streamlined interface that foregrounds the essentials. 

Elegant, minimalist design

An elliptical cylinder suspended in a brawny metallic frame, the Jade II is a beautifully engineered amplifier that will elevate any room you place it in.



  • Frequency Response: 7Hz-90kHz
  • Bias Voltage: 550V-650V
  • Weight: 12.9oz (365g)


  • Weight: 14.3lbs (6.5kg)
  • Dimensions: 10.9 x 10.6 x 4.5” (276 x 270 x 116 mm) 

HIFIMAN Jade II Electrostatic System User Manual Download

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