Hinokoku Deskmat

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Ignite Your Workspace

Unleash the transformative power of fire with the GMK Hinokoku Deskmat. Reflecting the captivating essence of flames, this deskmat reminds us of the burning passion that can consume or create, much like the keyboard hobby. Channel the fire within, and let it illuminate your keyboard journey.

Stitched Edge for Extra Durability

The Hinokoku Deskmat is not only visually striking; it's built to last. Its edges are carefully stitched to ensure they don't fray, even after countless gaming marathons or work sessions. The fire may be wild, but the build is tamed and refined.

Reliable Non-Slip Base

An inferno that stays put. That's what the non-slip rubberized bottom of the Hinokoku Deskmat offers. It stays firmly grounded, no matter how heated your gaming battles or workdays become.

Fade-Resistant and Machine-Washable

Life may extinguish flames, but not the fiery design of this deskmat. It features long-lasting, fade-resistant printing, ensuring that your passion stays lit. And when it needs cleaning? Toss it into the machine without worry; it's as resilient as the flames it depicts.

High Sensor Accuracy for Gamers

This deskmat doesn't just cater to the aesthetic-loving keyboard hobbyist; it's a gamer's best friend. The Hinokoku Deskmat offers a performance gaming mousepad texture, ensuring high sensor accuracy for those critical game-winning moves.

Product Highlights

  • Fiery, captivating design
  • Crafted by Teeboards.co
  • Stitched edge for durability
  • Non-slip rubberized base
  • Fade-resistant printing
  • Machine-washable
  • Enhanced gaming performance with high sensor accuracy


  • Produced by: Kono
  • Dimensions: 900x400 mm (35.43x15.75 inches), 3mm thick
  • Material: Non-slip rubberized base
  • Features: Stitched edges, fade-resistant, high sensor accuracy, machine washable

What's Included

  • 1x GMK Hinokoku Deskmat

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