idobao ID67 V2 65% Barebones Kit

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Note: This is a barebones DIY kit. It will not include switches or keycaps. It comes in Black, Blue, Pink, Orange, and Red colors.

The Keeb With Good Bones

Finding the perfect balance between design and functionality, the ID67 V2 65% Barebones Kit from idobao carves out a distinct identity for itself. This mechanical keyboard kit exudes a sleek, modern look, thanks to its compact 65% configuration and durable build.

Smart Size, Big Impact: The 65% Configuration

The ID67 V2 offers an ingenious solution for those seeking minimal desk clutter without compromising on functionality. Its 65% configuration strikes the right balance, freeing up desk space and keeping everything within your fingertips' reach.

Build it Your Way: Kailh Hot-Swappable Sockets

In the heart of this keyboard kit lies its Kailh hot-swappable sockets. These allow for swift switch changes, making it a breeze for users to customize their typing experience without having to wield a soldering iron.

Weighted for Stability: The Brass Counterweight

Quality isn't just about the materials used, but also about how a product feels. The brass counterweight added to the bottom of the ID67 V2 brings a reassuring heft and stability to the keyboard, ensuring a steadfast typing experience.

Product Highlights

  • Compact 65% configuration for minimal desk clutter
  • Kailh hot-swappable sockets for easy switch changes
  • Brass counterweight for added stability
  • Aluminum case and acrylic bottom for durability
  • Per-key RGB and underglow for customized lighting effects
  • Programmable with QMK firmware for personalized key functions


  • Case material: Aluminum
  • Bottom material: Acrylic
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs (1.13 kg) including top case, PCB, and brass counterweight
  • Integrated plate for added stability
  • Per-key RGB & underglow RGB for personalized lighting
  • Programmable with QMK firmware
  • USB Type C connection for fast and secure data transfer

What’s Included

  • 1x idobao ID67 V2 65% Barebones Kit
  • 1x USB Type C cable
  • **No switches included**
  • **No keycaps included**

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