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Finely tuned for HIFIMAN

The original ZEN CAN, iFi’s all-analog headphone amplifier, had the ability to drive tough headphone loads with a balanced circuit design, vanishingly low levels of distortion and exceptional sonics. The ZEN CAN Signature 6XX pushed this design even further with sonic tailoring specific to the ‘MassDrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX headphone’.

Now, iFi has finely tuned a brand new ZEN CAN Signature to work with HIFIMAN headphones – the ZEN CAN Signature HFM.

iFi’s ActivEQ

Our ActivEQ feature combines active and passive components to create a specific EQ curve to suit a particular pair of headphones. This is performed in the analog domain without adding any additional noise or distortion.

HIFIMAN headphones offer remarkable transparency and present wide-open sound staging. The ZEN CAN Signature HFM enhances the texture of the deep bass and injects more immediacy into the upper mid-range.

One EQ. Many models.

Pressing the HFM button on the ZEN CAN Signature HFM calibrates its signal to complement the headphone’s response characteristics right across the frequency range. This then tunes its performance to work with HIFIMAN headphones.

Excellent results are found with the Sundara, HE-4XX, HE-400S, Edition X, HE-5 headphones to name but a few. As with our previous ZEN CAN Signature model, this feature can be switched on or off. Without ActivEQ engaged, the ZEN CAN Signature HFM’s performance is cleverly balanced to bring out the best in all other headphones and in-ear monitors.

Gain, gain, and more gain

The ZEN CAN Signature HFM has four gain settings in six dB steps – 0dB, 6dB, 12dB and 18db. We’ve called this PowerMatch. This enables the amp to precisely suit the connected headphones. Unity gain (0dB) is useful to ensure low noise with sensitive in-ear monitors, while the higher gain settings make the most of tougher headphone loads, delivering excellent dynamic headroom.

Nothing beats Balanced

The ZEN CAN Signature HFM’s circuitry is a balanced, symmetrical dual-mono design – a topology usually reserved for high-end headphone amps – with a number of key elements trickled down from the discrete Class A circuitry developed for iFi’s flagship headphone amplifier, the Pro iCAN.

Product highlights 

  • Adjustable gain to match other headphones
  • Xspace analog headphone spatializer
  • 4.4mm balanced output
  • Class A output stage
  • Drives 385mW @ 600Ω
  • <0.006% distortion
  • Superior design and components 


  • Inputs: RCA, 3.5 (SE), 4.4mm (BAL))
  • Gain:  0 dB, 6 dB,12 dB,18 dB 
  • THD+N (A-Weighting): 0.0066% (BAL), 0.0058% (SE)
  • Output impedance
    • Balanced: <2Ω
    • Single-ended: <1Ω
  • Zout: 200Ω
  • SNR: 200 ohms
  • DNR: -122 dB (BAL)
  • Frequency response: (-3dB): 10 Hz – 200 kHz
  • Function button: HFM adaption and/or XSpace; Bypass
  • IMD: 0.01%
  • Power
    • Maximum output power (16 ohms): 3.0 V / 600 mW (BAL), 4.0 V / 1000 mW (SE)
    • Maximum output power (300 ohms): 5.1 V / 756 mW (BAL), 7.6 V / 196 mW (SE)
    • Maximum output power (600 ohms): 15.2 V / 385 mW (BAL), 7.6 V / 98 mW (SE)
    • Maximum power consumption: 13 W / 2.6A
  • Dimensions: 
    • 160(w) x 117(d) x 35(h) mm
    • 6.3" x 4.6" x 1.4"
  • Weight: 1.87Ibs (0.85 kg)

What’s included

  • iFi Zen CAN SIgnature HFM
  • Wall wart
  • RCA cable
  • 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter
  • User manual
  • iFi warranty card

What pairs well 

  • iFi Zen DAC Signature V2

iFi ZEN CAN Signature HFM User Manual Download

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