JTK Avocado Keycap Set

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From Farm to Keyboard

Welcome to the verdant world of the JTK Avocado Keycap Set, an ode to everyone's favorite green superfood and internet sensation. Designed by oy2r and produced by JT, these keycaps capture the chunky, wholesome essence of an avocado in every press. And when it comes to material, we're talking about Tripleshot ABS plastic—a guarantee for durability.

Tripleshot Durability

Tripleshot ABS plastic ensures that these keycaps will stand the test of time, both in color retention and structural integrity. You'll be typing away with your avocado-inspired keys long enough for them to become internet classics.

Guac-Like Comfort

While we can't promise the nutritional benefits of an actual avocado, we can assure you that typing on these keycaps feels as satisfying as digging into a creamy guacamole.

Customize Your Avocado Experience

  • Modifiers: This kit includes a full set of dark brown modifiers, featuring playful novelties like avocados, carrots, broccoli, and more to keep your keyboard garden-fresh.

  • Yellow Alphas: Opt for vibrant yellow alphas paired with matching numpad keycaps and modifiers for a burst of sunshine on your keyboard.

  • Green Alphas: Get lost in the lush hues of these green alphas, complete with corresponding numpad keycaps and modifiers, reminiscent of a ripe avocado.

  • Green Spacebars: Expand your setup with a set of additional green spacebars designed to fit various ergonomic and split keyboards.

  • Yellow Spacebars: Brighten up your board with extra yellow spacebars that complement a variety of ergonomic and split keyboard layouts.

  • Brown Spacebars: Keep it earthy with these brown spacebars, designed for ergonomic and split keyboards, that serve as a subtle base to your vivid alphas and modifiers.

Product Highlights

  • Avocado-inspired aesthetic design
  • Crafted from durable Tripleshot ABS plastic
  • Multiple shades of green with earthy brown accents
  • Designed by oy2r and produced by JT


  • Material: Tripleshot ABS plastic
  • Profile: To be confirmed
  • Compatibility: MX-compatible stem
  • Designer: oy2r
  • Producer: JT

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