JTK Colored Modifier Kit

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Inject Some Color in Your Keys

Let’s say you bought a keyboard with monochromatic keys. At first you liked how no-nonsense and straight-laced they were, but pretty soon you realized that they were….kind of boring. The JTK Colored Modifier Kit is the perfect way to inject some much-needed energy into that lackluster set of keys, turning them into a customized set that'll turn heads.

Random Acts of Color

The philosophy behind the JTK Colored Modifier Kit is that no two kits should be alike. Selecting between CMYW (cyan, magenta, yellow, white) and RGBY (red, green, blue, yellow) is just the beginning. The colors in your kit will be randomized among the rows, ensuring that every kit will be slightly different.*

Compatibility and Convenience

The JTK Colored Modifier Kit includes extension keys that cater to 60%, 40%, and ISO layouts. This inclusion guarantees that regardless of your keyboard's size or layout, there's a place for these colorful modifiers on your board.

Product Highlights

  • Randomized color schemes for a unique setup
  • High-quality ABS Doubleshot construction
  • Cherry profile for wide compatibility
  • Includes extension keys for 60%, 40%, and ISO layouts


  • Profile: Cherry
  • Material: ABS Doubleshot
  • Compatibility: 60%, 40%, ISO layout

*Each kit includes four colored rows of keys, but the color chosen for each row will be different from set to set. An RGBY kit, for instance, may be colored (from top to bottom) Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green, or Yellow, Red, Green, and Blue, etc.

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