JTK Winner Keycap Set


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“Today’s loser can be tomorrow’s winner”

Do you want your decor to suggest that work is a merciless deathmatch for your soul? You’re going to love the JTK Winner Keycap Set, inspired by Netflix’s Squid Game. In the show, society’s undesirables compete for a life-changing cash prize in children’s games that have been transformed into deadly gauntlets. Bring a sense of desperation to your desk setup, and let the higher-ups know you’re aware of the socioeconomic disparities that divide you.

A Design That Plays to Win

Crafted from high-quality doubleshot ABS plastic in a Cherry profile, the JTK Winner set is designed for long hours and deadly quick decision-making. 

Choose Your Weapon

  • Base Kit: This kit includes everything needed for compact to full-sized keyboards, num pads, ISO layouts, and other common keyboard types, ensuring broad compatibility.
  • Novelties Kit: Dive deeper into the Squid Game universe with special keys that depict iconic items and symbols from the show. 
  • Green Spacebars: An expansion set that brings additional flair to your setup with spacebars and space bar clusters designed for various ergonomic and split keyboards.
  • Pink Spacebars: Echoing the ominous presence of the guards in "Squid Game," this expansion set includes additional spacebars and space bar clusters for various ergonomic and split keyboards. 

Product Highlights

  • Inspired by the hit show Squid Game
  • Designed by Buger-Work
  • Produced by JTK
  • Durable doubleshot ABS plastic construction
  • Ergonomic Cherry profile keycaps
  • Squid Game-themed novelties and spacebar accents
  • Matching deskmat to complete the Squid Game experience


  • Material: Doubleshot ABS Plastic
  • Profile: Cherry
  • Theme: Squid Game
  • Designer: Buger-Work
  • Producer: JTK

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