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Balancing Resistance and Reward

The heart of the Kailh Pro experience lies in its uniquely cushioned stroke, paired with a delightfully springy return. This combination ensures your fingers are met with the perfect balance of resistance and reward, making long typing sessions or intense gaming marathons more comfortable and less taxing.

Early activation

Pro switches stand out with their earlier activation. This feature allows for quicker response times—vital for gamers needing split-second reactions and typists looking for that instant feedback. It's a small adjustment with a huge impact on performance and comfort.

Pro purple (tactile)

Pro Purples offer medium spring resistance and Kailh’s take on an ergonomic tactile response. They’re a potential upgrade path for people who like MX Browns, especially in mixed use scenarios. The Pros are more responsive in games and offer better bottom out performance for daily typists.

Pro light green (clicky + tactile)

Looking for a professional clicky switch? The Pro Light Green offers a soft, comfortably tactile keystroke and a muted click that might be OK for some office settings (maybe). As an added bonus, you don’t need to press as far down to activate these switches.

Pro burgundy (linear)

Pro Burgundies offer a nice compromise between linear Kailh Speed switches and standard models. Their early activation point might prove useful in time critical reflex-limited applications, like rhythm game macropads and audio control interfaces. Or you can use them in a keyboard.

Product Highlights

  • Cushioned stroke and springy return for enhanced comfort
  • Earlier activation for quicker response times
  • Varied selection for personalized tactile preference: tactile (Pro Purple), clicky + tactile (Pro Light Green), and linear (Pro Burgundy)
  • Slightly heavier feel encourages full keystroke engagement
  • Hot-swap compatible for easy customization


  • Activation Force: 50g (0.11lbs)
  • Activation Point: 1.7mm (0.067 inches)
  • Total Travel: 3.6mm (0.142 inches)
  • Type: Plate Mount
  • Compatibility: Through-hole and SMD LED, Cherry MX-mount keycap sets

What’s Included

  • 10 Kailh Pro Switches per pack
  • Compatibility with hot-swap setups for versatile customization

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