KDS Chainsaw Keycap Set


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Unleash Your Inner Devil Hunter

Infuse your mech keyboard with the raw energy and brutal resilience that defines the Hero of Hell himself. Inspired by the legendary manga and anime series, Chainsaw Man, the KDS Chainsaw Keycap Set boasts alphas so sharp they’d give Denji a run for his money. From its vibrant color palette to its exciting novelty set, each keystroke brings you closer to the chaotic world of Chainsaw Man.

Razor-Sharp Alphas

With the KDS Chainsaw, the alphas are so sharp that the Hero of Hell himself would approve . Beyond looking cool, these alphas are highly legible, making your day-to-day typing tasks a bit more easier.

A Novelties Kit That's Anything but Novel

The massive Novelties kit gives you endless opportunities for customization. The detailed graphics, from roaring chainsaws to devilish symbols, bring iconic moments from the manga right to your fingertips. With these keycaps, each typing session transforms into a journey with the Hero of Hell himself.

Hellish Heroizations

  • Base Kit: This foundational set equips your keyboard from compact layouts to full-sized arrays, including support for num pads, ISO layouts, and other widespread keyboard formats.
  • Novelties Kit: Dive into a collection of specialty keys featuring unique designs such as roaring chainsaws, precise targets, and detailed crosshairs.
  • Crosshairs Artisan: A meticulously crafted aluminum keycap with CNC anodized finishing and enamel infill. Designed for the Cherry profile and fitting perfectly on the R4 (Escape Row) position.
  • Target Artisan: Another exceptional aluminum artisan keycap, featuring an expertly anodized and enamel-filled design. This Cherry profile keycap also adorns the R4 (Escape Row).

Product Highlights

  • Vibrant and daring color scheme
  • Legible and unique alpha design
  • Extensive Novelties kit for customization
  • Created by renowned Lonely Bot Studios


  • Designed by Lonely Bot Studios
  • Produced by Kono
  • Kono Designer Series - Learn More
  • PBT plastic
  • Reverse dye-sublimated
  • Cherry profile
  • Aluminum Artisans: CNC anodized aluminum, enamel infill, Cherry profile, R4 (Esc Row), 1u

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