KDS Transmutation Keycap Set

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Unearth the Secrets of the Alchemical Keyboard

Step into the mysterious realms of the arcane with the KDS Transmutation Keycap Set. Crafted for those intrepid alchemists who seek to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, this set transports your workspace into an ethereal dimension. With unique alphas inspired by paganism, alchemy, astrology, and artist-created symbols, it's more than just typing—it's a mystical experience.

A Tactile Experience: The Substance of Magic

Cherry profile keycaps offer a beloved touch sensation for typists and gamers alike. Compatible with Cherry MX switches, the texture of these keycaps won't betray you by absorbing oils from your fingertips. It's not just about the look; it's about feeling your way through the mystical symbols, navigating your tasks with the comfort and ease of an ancient sorcerer.

Expand Your Horizons: Kits for Mortals and Magicians

The core set is for the brave, but standard Latin alphas and modifiers allow even the most uninitiated to join the journey. These expansions make it possible for everyday mortals to type without needing to decipher ancient runes, yet still enjoy the mysterious aesthetic of the core design.

Customize Your Kit

  • Core: The base kit, providing everything you need for compact keyboards, including all the mysterious symbols and alchemical alphas.
  • Novelties: Add a touch of the arcane with special keys depicting pagan symbols, bird skulls, ram skulls, hour glasses, and more, to make your keyboard uniquely yours.
  • Latin Alphas: For those who prefer a touch of the familiar, this set offers basic Latin alphas to blend with the mystical.
  • Latin Modifiers: These green, black, and cream modifiers complement the Latin alphas, enhancing the aesthetic without losing the magical essence.
  • Numpad: Combine the practical with the mystical by adding a numpad that features both basic alpha numerology and mystical numerology, bridging the gap between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Product Highlights

  • Mystical design inspired by cults, lunar cycles, and dark entities
  • Alchemical alphas and lunar function keys
  • Durable PBT plastic with high shine resistance
  • Cherry profile keycaps for comfort and ease
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches


  • Designed by Jake Myler
  • Manufactured by Kono as part of the Kono Designer Series (KDS)
  • PBT plastic – high durability and shine resistance
  • Cherry profile Keycaps
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches

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