Kono Sunrise Switches


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Rise and shine tactility 

The Kono Sunrise switches are designed for early birds, go-getters, and those who're up with the sun and ready to get things done. With a crisp tactile bump and 45g actuation, it’s ideal for invigorating yet quiet sessions that won’t disturb your neighbors. Made with custom 63.5g gold plated springs and a sunrise colorway, it’s the rise-and-shine your keyboard needs to embrace the day. 

Swap them out like a pair of shoes

Swap out your switches as quickly as a pair of running shoes. The Kono Sunrise switches are hot-swap compatible, allowing you to effortlessly swap out switches to suit your preferences. Say farewell to soldering woes and hello to endless possibilities.

Product Highlights

  • Soft tactile bump for a classic typing experience
  • Custom 63.5g gold-plated spring for smooth and consistent actuation
  • Hot-swap compatible for easy customization
  • MX-stem keycap compatible for versatility
  • Surface-mount LED compatible for customizable lighting effects
  • POM stem and polycarbonate casing for durability and longevity
  • Produced by JWK for exceptional quality control


  • Switch Type: Tactile (non-clicky)
  • Quantity: 10 switches per bag
  • Actuation Force: 45g
  • Bottom-Out Force: 63.5g
  • Actuation Distance: 2mm
  • Total Travel Distance: 3.8mm
  • Spring Material: Gold-plated custom lengthened spring
  • Grease: Custom-formula synthetic grease for reduced noise and smooth travel
  • Stem Material: POM
  • Casing Material: Polycarbonate
  • Compatibility: Hot-swap (3-pin / plate mount), MX-stem keycaps, surface-mount LEDs

What's Included

  • 10 x Kono Sunrise Switches

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