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Lime Ears Aether R IEM


Six drivers provide a hugely spacious sound

Spaciousness: that’s the sound design philosophy behind the Aether R. But how can an in-ear monitor give the listener the feeling of spaciousness? With a raft of cutting-edge technologies and masterful engineering, for starters. 

Within the small chassis of the Aether R are six drivers and a crossover system that allows them all to work in perfect harmony. There are also custom-printed filters, perfectly attenuated bores, and a bass boost switch. (Yes, we’re still talking about an IEM here.)

It’s as small and portable as any IEM, but the Aether R offers the experience of a spacious, acoustically treated room no matter where you take them. 

Divide and conquer: six drivers in a four-way crossover design

Hear greater distinction. The Aether R divides the sound frequency range among its six balanced armature drivers, allowing each to only focus on the range it was designed to produce. By limiting the frequency range of each driver, each one makes up for what the others lack, resulting in a more efficient and detailed system.

Switchable Subwoofer 

Adapt the Aether R to your music or environment with the switchable subwoofer. By flicking the switch on the Aether R’s chassis, you can add or subtract 3-6dB to the lowest frequencies (<100Hz). Bump the bass with the beat drops or pare it back when it gets to be too much. You can also bump the bass in a crowded office or airplane to counteract ambient noise. 

VariBore Technology: perfect bore attenuation

Get perfectly attenuated highs and lows with VariBore Technology. The Aether R’s drivers are matched to four bores, or holes that send the sound down your ear canal, resulting in maximum separation. Additionally, each frequency has been matched to the bore diameter that best suits it. A 2mm high-frequency bore, for example, delivers smooth, non-shrill highs. 

TrueSub Technology 

Unlike standard electrical filtering, the lowest frequencies of the Aether R are filtered by a custom 3D-printed filter. This precise, acoustic filter delivers powerful yet extremely clear subwoofer frequencies. 

Naturally Isolating

Because the eartips of IEMs fill up your ear canal, they’re naturally isolating. They’re not as isolating as noise-cancelling IEMs or headphones, but much more so than open back headphones. They’re a great choice for commuting, traveling, and other scenarios in which privacy is important. 

Six balanced armatures

Hear effortlessly efficient detail-retrieval. The Aether R features six balanced armatures per monitor. Unlike traditional IEMs that use a single dynamic driver, balanced armatures are smaller, lighter, and provide greater output for less power. Inside each balanced armature, a small reed is balanced between two magnets (hence the “balanced” in balanced armature). The magnets vibrate the reed, and the reed’s motion is transferred to a diaphragm. 

Product highlights

  • Six balanced armature driver construction
  • Four-way passive hybrid crossover
  • Switchable subwoofer double driver
  • VariBore and TrueSub technology
  • Smoke shells
  • Icewood with Time Machine LE faceplates
  • Ruthenium-plated brass nozzles

What’s included

    • Lime Ear Aether R IEMs
    • Packaging Box
    • Aluminum case
    • SpinFit tips set
    • Comply foam tips set
    • Cotton pouch
    • Cleaning tool
    • Warranty card
    • Instruction manual

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