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Lime Ears Psi Ψ IEM


Three: the magic number. With three, you get bass, mid-range, and treble. Past, present, and future. 


The Ψ, or Psi, derives its name from the trident-shaped 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet. The IEM’s trio of drivers take a three-pronged approach to dividing the frequency spectrum, while its sound tuning pays homage to the hi-fi audio equipment of the 70s and 80s for a laid back, balanced musical experience in the present. And with a durable chassis, the Psi IEMs are going to enjoy a long future. 

Three balanced armatures 

Hear effortlessly efficient detail-retrieval. The Psi features three balanced armatures per monitor. Unlike traditional IEMs that use a single dynamic driver, balanced armatures are smaller, lighter, and provide greater output for less power. Inside each balanced armature, a small reed is balanced between two magnets (hence the “balanced” in balanced armature). The magnets vibrate the reed, and the reed’s motion is transferred to a diaphragm. 

Divide and conquer: three drivers in a three-way crossover design

Hear more details and distinction. The Psi divides the sound frequency range among its three balanced armature drivers, allowing each to only focus on the range it was designed to produce. By limiting the frequency range of each driver, each makes up for what the others lack, resulting in a more efficient and detailed system.

Naturally isolating

Block out more ambient noise with the Psi. Because the eartips of IEMs fill up your ear canal, they’re naturally isolating. They’re not as isolating as noise-cancelling IEMs or headphones, but much more so than open back headphones. They’re a great choice for commuting, traveling, and other scenarios in which privacy is important. 

Product highlights

    • Three balanced armature driver construction
    • Three-way passive crossover (Single low, single mid, single high)
    • Two-bore acoustical design

    What’s included

      • Lime Ears Psi IEMs
      • Peli 1015 Case
      • Cleaning tool
      • Lime Ears cotton carrying pouch
      • Drying pellet
      • SpinFit Tips

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